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3 Key Causes of Acne and How to Cure Yourself at Home


The acne is common for teenagers however some people could fight with it for decades without any particular success. The treatment only of the symptoms with cosmetics will not work for long and actually the rubbing and cleansing the skin with too many aggressive products might increase the infection. You need to realize what is the main cause of this condition and to treat all the possible reasons for the symptoms as this is how the roots of the inflammation would be healed.



Hormonal Imbalance

Due to the puberty, the body is producing more hormones and the androgens are connected with the acne symptoms. If you are not a teenager but you have some kind of a hormonal imbalance, that still might turn into a reason for acne or other skin disorders like skin rashes, dermatitis etc. The glands are producing different hormones and if any of them is not functioning well, an imbalance may occur. The stress is also among the leading factors to worsen the imbalance while stress is mainly an overproduction of cortisol. You can address the hormonal imbalances in a natural way and to apply the coMra therapy too. This method is very gentle and non -invasive but very effective at the same time. To support your body into restoring the balances of the hormones, you can apply the Universal Treatment 6 – Vitality from the user guide. You will find the instructions on how to do this at home, the device is easy to use and has no side effects.

Skin Infections

When you touch your face with dirty hands or you wear a hat each day, or you put the telephone on the skin etc., an infection may occur if some bacteria goes inside the pores. Especially if you have wide pores or it is very hot outside and the pores are tending into opening very easily. The hygiene is very important in that case as you need to wash your hands many times per day and your face at least two times. The very aggressive cosmetics may dry the skin so much that the infection to spread even more easily than to disappear, so it is good to choose gentle and natural products to clean your skin. The too oily products are also not recommended for a skin with acne issues. The tea tree oil is a natural way to control the infections and help the skin to heal the inflammations. The coMra therapy is very effective with all kinds of inflammations, so you can use it topically too. You can apply the coMra Palm over the affected pores keeping it on each one for three to five minutes daily. In order to prevent from spreading the infection, you need to clean the device with hydrogen peroxide water or colloidal silver before applying it on a new point on the infected area.

Diet Issues

The main problem is the sugar in the food and especially the refined, white sugar that will be turned into fat when it is digested. The fruits also contain sugars but it is rarely glucose and they  have fibers, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is very much recommended to replace all the processed foods that contain sugar with fresh fruits if you crave the sweet taste. The excess amount of sugar will mess also with the hormonal balance in your body in long-term, so if you have acne issues you need to avoid it. Another thing is the milk as many people cannot digest the lactose in the milk and the skin would show with acne and other irritations. So if you have acne problems, try to cut off the dairy products from your diet and just observe the changes.

As the skin is the biggest organ, it often shows internal problems and this is a sign to look deeper for what is the real issue than just treating the skin with some cosmetics and expect a miracle. The clean, healthy lifestyle and diet would always show on your skin, it will look better and more glowy. The stress is not a direct cause of acne but can make the things worse, so some control over the stress would result in a better overall health anyway. The coMra therapy could be useful for various conditions as it is supporting the body into awakening its own healing abilities. You can combine different treatments from the user guide for even better results.