5 Anti-Aging Tips for Everyone

5 Anti-Aging Tips for Everyone


Everyone wants to feel and look young and energetic, healthy and strong. So how can we slow down the aging process? Could we use our own resources together with the ones coming from the nature? Could we also to take advantage of the technology? In short, what could we do to keep the good health longer?

There are many factors that may cause aging as this is not only a physical process, it is very important also how we feel and what emotions do we experience and most of all what we think every day is what will shape our life and our body. So here are some easy tips to follow which will support our anti-aging intentions.


Tip 1: Drink enough water

Or eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as they contain a lot of water. Drink green tea, plenty of fresh juices too but mainly water. You need clean, natural water to keep yourself healthy and full of energy. To intake enough fresh water is the best way to hydrate the cells in order for them to work properly.


Tip 2: Move a lot

Not only the body needs and benefits from the movement, but also the mind and the emotions. As the glands are producing more “happiness” hormones during the exercises, walking, running etc., it really feels good. We need a several-days-a-week routine for at least an hour and to breath intensively in order to achieve the anti-aging effect and to obtain enough oxygen for the cells.


Tip 3: Boost your immune system

Just do it naturally in order to slow down the aging – with better food diet, more sleep hours, exercises, detox, herbs, essential oils, walking in nature, meditation, listening to nice music. You can add some natural supplements to your diet if you need more energy, try some super foods and or changing your diet to eating more raw and fresh fruits and nuts.


Tip 4: Life-supporting technology

For anti-aging results, you can also use the gentle healing combined power of a infra-red laser, magnets and special light routine, as in the coMra Palm device in order to condition your whole body and support it in fighting with the factors that cause aging and diseases.

You can apply the 5Hz frequency setting for 2-5 minutes on the Heart area, another 2-5 min on the Solar Plexus and the Stomach to give your body a hand in staying healthy and strong, and for overall good tonus. Do this daily or every other day to have the best effect.

For the skin of the face you will need to use the 1000Hz setting for several minutes on different spots for anti-aging effect or heal it if you have any skin problems.

Gentle and persistent support of the natural healing ability of your body will do wonders in time.


Tip 5: Think young, laugh and have fun

How we think and feel always shows in the way we look. So, try to think young and have fun, laugh a lot and just enjoy life as it is. It helps immensely when we are alert yet calm, just to be aware about what works and what doesn’t in our thinking. In this way we see really where we are and where we want to go.

To stay young is to keep that spark of life inside you and appreciate every moment of it as this will send a powerful message to the body and will awake its inner healing ability. The coMra Palm Therapy is gently leading the body to its own inner resources and abilities to create health, strength and be young.


You can download our User Guide App from our Download section on this website in order to have all the details about using the device on different points on the body.