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5 Hidden Causes of the Unpleasant Cellulite and How to Deal with Them


Cellulite is a condition which affects the derma and the fat cells situated underneath which causes the effect of the “orange skin”. It is common among women of all ages,  very stubborn and hard to get rid of. Most of the women at one point of their life are seeing this in the mirror and being honest, it is not pleasant at all. However, let us go through the different causes of this condition and how to deal with them. Cellulite is the result of many factors which combined will cause loose skin and visible fat cells. 

1.Weak lymphatic system, dehydration and water retention

If you have noticed that you have cellulite since your teenage years and it goes worse in the summer or when you sit for a long time, this means that your lymphatic system does not function optimally. The lymph is the liquid that runs around the body taking the toxins out of the bloodstream. If the lymphatic vessels are weak, some of these toxins may leak back in the blood being stored in different parts of the body in the form of fat cells. Actually, the fat cells sometimes are formed around the toxins in the form of a small ball with the purpose to protect the body from it. You need enough water in order for the lymphatic system to function optimally and if the body is dehydrated, it will store all the water between the fat cells, this is known as water retention. So, drinking enough pure water daily is the first step to improve the work of the lymphatic system. There is more, but we will discuss that later on. 

2.Sugar sensitivity and insulin resistance

If the cellulite is visible or not, depends on how strong are the collagen bundles. If the collagen is constantly destroyed, it will result in saggy skin, wrinkles and more visible cellulite. One thing which breaks the collagen in the body is sugar. If you cannot metabolize the sugar fast enough it will be turned into fat and it will attach to the collagen bundles making them break. The insulin spikes will make your body turn all the glucose in the blood into fat as a strategy to store and use it later on. The fat will be burned only if there is no glucose in the blood, then the hormone glucagon will be released which will tell your cells to use fat as a source of energy. 

You need to support your liver and pancreas in order to normalize their functioning and to speed up your metabolism. The first step will be to limit your refined sugar intake but it is best if you combine it with low level laser therapy. And no, we do not talk about going to a beauty salon for cold laser procedures every week. In fact, with coMra you can have your own portable device and you can do the treatments everywhere. Start with coMra Universal treatment protocol 3, 5 and the Liver Treatment.  

3.Hormonal Imbalance

What is the name of the group of hormones which cause excessive growth in the female body? That is right, cellulite is often a sign of estrogen dominance. The thing is that estrogens can be formed in the fat cells and this makes everything even worse. The cycle goes like this –   excessive estrogen makes you gain weight  and slows down the metabolism, more fat cells are formed and then these fat cells produce even more estrogen that has to be eliminated by the liver. The hormones that can regulate the estrogen is progesterone but nowadays, many women actually have progesterone deficiency from early teenage age. Check our other articles on how to address that with the coMra – a cold laser therapy and more. A gentle laser works in coherence with magnetic fields and light diodes to provide additional energy to your cells and to induce the healing process in your body. 

4.High percentage of body fat

As it was already explained, the fat cells themselves produce more and more estrogen in the body which has to be eliminated by the liver. On top of that, if you have several kilos more, the cellulite will be more and more visible. The way to fight this is to change your diet and to reduce the sugar intake together with alcohol, soft drinks, pasta and bread, tobacco and all other substances which are full of toxins. It does not matter how much you eat but what you eat, if eighty percent of your food is vegetables, fruits and greens, there is not much room left for processed foods full of trans fats and additives of unknown origin. 

5.Inactive lifestyle

In summary, you need to assist your body into cleansing the tissues from toxins, excessive fat and metabolic waste. Of course, it will be hard to do this only with diets, no matter how good they are, you will need to be more active. In order to support the lymphatic system, you will need to incorporate a regular moving routine in the form of moderate exercise, walking, running, swimming, yoga or whatever you really enjoy to do. In that way, your body will burn all the glucose in the blood and then it will start burning the fat. Being active will help your body into losing weight, eliminating the excessive estrogen from the body, reducing body fat and the intracellular water. The coMra therapy is a great way to support your body and to heal various health conditions but it will be even more effective if you combine it with lifestyle, diet and mindset changes.

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