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Acne Skin Home Remedies and Treatment


While acne is mostly common for people in their teen years, the number of cases of acne out of that age range increases each year. The symptoms are irritated and inflamed skin on the face or other parts of the body like the back or arms, red bumps, clogged pores, pimples and painful lumps under the skin. The skin care products which claim to help with the acne discourage many people as the external treatments have only temporary effect.

What could cause it?

If you want to know the causes for the acne, you need to look deeper than the oily skin tending to end up with clogged pores. The reason why it usually appears in the puberty, is the hormonal changes in the body. However, if the hormones are not in balance and there are issues with the metabolism and digestion of certain foods, the acne could appear at any age. The roots of this condition could be found in food intolerances of any kind, in way the fat metabolism happens and most of all in hormonal imbalances which may cause the previous two.

Internal Healing

Before you reach out for the cosmetics and count on them to be a sufficient acne skin treatment, you need to heal from the inside. A very suitable way to treat acne skin problems would be coMra therapy, a gentle and non-invasive way to address many medical conditions. The cold laser with the help of magnets and lights, induces the natural healing abilities in the cells. It is a very effective way of providing the needed energy and supporting their recovery. It is a very easy to apply therapy that you can do at home and to address not only the skin problems externally, but to heal your inner organs which cause the skin issues in the first place.

Treatments course

In coMra therapy, you can combine treatments as there are not any negative side effects from it, it is gentle and medication free. So, first you need to restore the hormonal balance in your body and the Universal Treatment 5 from the coMra user guide will support all of your major organs while they return back to their normal functioning. In order to clean your blood from the toxins and to help the circulation, you can apply the Universal Treatment 3 – Blood. To support your liver with the fat metabolism and the detoxification of the waste materials from your body, apply Gastroenterology 1. On the top of all that, you can treat your skin directly with 1000Hz daily in order to help its recovery from the severe inflammations.

Supplements and remedies

Neem oil could be taken internally in the form of capsules together with zinc as they both will provide some more support for your skin to recover. For the external acne skin treatment, you can include tea tree oil in your routine as it really increases the speed with which your skin will clear out from all the pimples and scars. While hygiene is vital for the irritated skin, try to avoid very harsh products which will overdry your skin, alcohol is also very aggressive and should be used only when needed.

Diet  changes

Although it may look not relevant to you, the diet is in the roots of some types of acne. Even if you don’t have any other problems, food intolerances could cause acne that is very persistent. The main cause for such skin reactions are the dairy products, so avoid them for at least for a month and observe the difference. Sugar is another trigger of skin problems, so while doing your acne skin treatment course, try to avoid it and also reduce the amount of animal proteins in your diet. In order to assist your body into cleansing from all the waste products formed after the metabolic processes, try some days of juice detox, water fasting or raw food diet. In any case, you need a sufficient amount of water daily to flush out the toxins and lots of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in vitamins and minerals.