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10 Adrenal Fatigue Healing Health Tips – Part 1


Currently, more and more people experience constant stress which causes adrenal dysfunction with symptoms like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, emotional breakdowns, hypothyroidism and many more. If your adrenals are not producing enough hormones after periods of intense stress or physical exhaustion, you need to take better care of them and execute some changes in your lifestyle to support them. Parallel to that, to heal the adrenal glands you can apply coMra therapy which will boost the work not only of the adrenals but of the whole endocrine system where everything is connected. The coMra therapy is a gentle, non-invasive way to heal various conditions and has very good effects on the adrenals and respectively on other stress related conditions like depression, anxiety and digestive issues.

1. Start your day

Drinking a cup or two with warm water just after your wake up is a good way to activate the organs in your body. This will help them with the elimination of the toxins and waste materials left from the previous day. You can add some lemon or lime juice which will support your stomach with the acid production during the day and is a great vitamin C supply starting in the morning. You can create your own morning routine which calms you down and fill you up with energy. Stretching, breathing exercises, yoga, swimming will activate your body and will boost your mood and emotional state.

2. Your breakfast is important

Your adrenals will thank you if you eat your breakfast in an hour after you get up as this will normalize the levels of the cortisol, the hormone that wakes you up. Of course, consider a combination of foods which is balanced and healthy, include some fruits, good fats and even proteins to soothe your cortisol and insulin levels. Keep the sweet in moderate as you don’t want blood sugar spikes early in the morning. You can eat more carbohydrates at lunch time but reduce the intake of sugar during the day anyway.

3. Coffee is not your friend

If you want to calm down your adrenal glands, consider to replace coffee with green tea or herbal infusion which are good for your gut health too. The stimulants like coffee and cocoa will overwhelm your fatigued glands even more while what you want is to calm them down. So, avoid reaching up to coffee, black tea or sugar and try to keep your energy levels in a dynamic balance. Make sure you rest enough during the day and try not to work for too many hours in a row.

4. Adaptogens

In order to support the work of your organs and systems, you can include some adaptogens in your diet. These herbs have been used for hundreds of years by natural healers as they are adapt to your specific needs supporting the balance of the organism. And on the top of that, some of them taste really good. So, consider adding herbs like ashwagandha, macca, licorice, ginseng and rhodiola to your smoothy or tea which could be beneficial for your adrenal glands.

5. Small intervals

When the adrenal glands are tired and do not produce the appropriate quantity of adrenal hormones, your body has difficulties to organize the energy and could literally run out of it. This is the reason why chronic fatigue is the main symptoms of adrenal dysfunction. The best way to help your body with that, is to eat in small intervals like two -three hours. Make sure that you still eat healthy snacks, just reduce the amount and plan to eat regularly. Do not go too many hours without food and avoid overeating, your adrenals will calm down if your meals are balanced and there are no spikes of blood sugar as well as no sudden drops. The best habit which will soothe the adrenal fatigue symptoms, is to eat often small portions of healthy food.