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Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia Could Be Very Effective


Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that is painful and interrupts with the normal pace of life for the people who suffer from it. The disease comes with variety of symptoms like fatigue, muscle cramps, memory issues, sleeping disorders, headaches etc. The nervous system is overactive and it creates the feeling of pain from anxiety and depression to severe abdominal pain and nausea. Although, the traditional medicine treats this condition with lots of painkillers and antidepressants, there is an alternative medicine for fibromyalgia that could be very effective and could help healing the causes of the disease not only soothing the symptoms.

coMra therapy

A gentle and non-invasive way to awaken your own inner healing abilities and to support your whole body into recovery and restoring the balance in each organ, is coMra therapy. The power of the laser is accompanied with a magnetic field and light and could heal every cell, organ and system in your body without any negative side effects. You could apply coMra therapy in cases of injury, acute pain but also for chronic conditions and serious disorders. If you feel cramps in your lower abdominal, you could place the coMra Palm there for several minutes just to get some pain relief. However, if you want to heal the roots of the condition, for example fibromyalgia, you will need to take a look at and follow the treatment program in the coMra user guide.

If you have chosen to try alternative medicine for fibromyalgia, coMra therapy will help you a lot as it goes perfectly with the holistic approach to health which treats the person as a whole system. The medication treatment on the other side, would do the opposite as when you take painkillers, you destroy the liver and the stomach and as a result you feel even more anxiety and weakness. You need to heal the deep root of the disease and all the places where it has been spread with time. For that reason, the Neurology 9 treatment from the coMra user guide that is for fibromyalgia consists of three different parts. One of them is called Universal treatment 3 – Blood which will make your blood vessels stronger and your blood more fluid, another one is Universal treatment 5 applied in order to support the nervous system and there is a scheme of treatment specific for the fibromyalgia condition as part three. You will find all the details and recommendations in the coMra user guide, however as the therapy is non-invasive, you could add some changes to your treatment if it makes you feel better.

Nutrients rich diet

Your diet is your best alternative medicine for fibromyalgia or any other condition as your body uses all the nutrients coming from your food to create new cells. You need to avoid or reduce to minimum the consumption of alcohol, sugar and caffeine as they will make the symptoms even worse. Anything that stimulates the nervous system will make you even more sensitive to the pain in the tissues. Try to eat foods that are rich in magnesium like nuts, avocados, pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables etc. and also foods rich in melatonin like walnuts, rice, ginger, barley, bananas etc. as they will help with the sleep disorders which often occur due to the pain in the body. The good and rich diet will help control your weight and will give your body all the needed nutrients for it to deal with the condition. Coconut oil, wild fish, turmeric and ginger could also be beneficial for you and you can add them to your diet.

Well-being and mental health

As this painful condition is linked to aggression and violence history in the family, the mental health is key to healing fibromyalgia and you will need to do your inner work facing your emotional pain too. People suffering from it are very sensitive to touching and they seem to perceive a lot of situations as threatening and extremely stressful. So, you need to work on these side of the condition as the pain in the mind and the emotions would manifest on the physical level sooner or later. You could find your own personal way to calm down your nervous system through meditation, herbs like melissa and valeriana, reading a book or anything that will help you being more relaxed. Everything in yourself is connected, so you need to heal yourself as a whole in order to restore the inner balance that is known as overall health.

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