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Anemia Treatment to Make You Healthier and Stronger


How to treat and heal anemia in a natural and non-invasive way? Apart from taking iron supplements, what are the possibilities to make yourself stronger and healthier? How the red blood cells production could be affected in a positive way that is gentle and beneficial for the overall health?

Anemia is the disease that affects the quality of the blood and the most common kind is the one of iron deficiency. This affects the red blood cells, their production and the abilities to move and reach the organs in the body, bringing the needed oxygen. The symptoms could be fatigue, rapid heart rate, dizziness and low energy, headaches and shortness of breath, also sleeping issues and muscle cramps.

The usual treatment of anemia is with iron supplements and eating a lot of meat and fish as sources of iron. The problem with this type of approach is that iron sometimes could not be well absorbed by the body and it takes a lot of time to heal the result of this. It is good to supply your body with the needed iron, however the cause for the condition needs to be addressed too. In most of the cases, anemia comes as a result of high levels of stress, physical exhaustion and a poor diet. But most of all, the emotions affects the health of your heart and the whole body, so anemia like most diseases, is a complex condition.

coMra therapy

The method called coMra therapy is an approach that is holistic and heals the whole organism, supporting the body into restoring its natural balance. The laser works in harmony with magnets and light diodes to give the cells and organs the additional energy they need in order to heal. As anemia affects the quality of the blood, treating the major points of the blood circulation would results into more vital and healthy red blood cells.

In the coMra user guide, you will see that the Universal Treatment 3 – Blood is the one designed to address this condition.It is the core anemia treatment that you need to apply and could be combined with other coMra treatments too. It has shown very good results if applied daily as the microcirculation is improved, the speed of the red cells moving in the body is accelerated, their ability to carry oxygen too and the blood vessels are strengthen. The Universal Treatment 3 – Blood is part of other healing courses as it is a major one while the blood circulates in the body and brings nutrients and information to each organ.

Stress and breathing

As part of your anemia treatment, you need to do some stress management because the high levels of cortisol and adrenaline affect the heart, the blood pressure and the hormonal balance in the body. Try to observe and connect the dots when searching for the causes of your issue because the body is not separate from the mind and the emotions. It is recommended to find your way to deal with stress with art activities, yoga, walking, moderate exercising etc. and to focus on the things that make you happy and joyful. The way you breathe is directly linked with the oxygen entering your body. The good emotional state will affect your overall health and your breathing. While your breathing is fast and shallow when you are under stress, you breathe calmly and deeper when you are relaxed. So, try to find your path to feeling good as it will support the healing process.