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How To Manage Autoimmune Disorders And Improve Your Gut Health


Most of the people with autoimmune disorders have something in common – gut issues. While the gut is the place where most of the immune system is located, it is not a surprise that any change there will affect the whole body. It is well known now that almost all of the autoimmune diseases start with an issue with the gut health, namely with changes in the balance of the bacteria living there. The microbiome is the major cause of low immunity and autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances, liver issues etc. As far as trillions of bacteria cells live in the human body, it is vital to have the right balance if we all want to be healthy. Not to forget that the emotional state of the person can also alter and affect the microbiome.

Why do you need coMra in your daily life?

The body has its own inner intelligence, it perfectly regulates thousands of processes daily without any control from the mind. Then, why when it gets to healing, people try to manage each and every chemical reaction in order to reach health? It is no surprise that most of the medications which are supposed to heal you, have tens of negative side effects, especially if you take them long-term. That is why, you need a holistic approach which will not disturb the chemical balance inside the body even more. In order to manage autoimmune disorders and improve the gut health, you need to minimize the usage of chemicals. The coMra Therapy is a cold laser therapy but it is even more. It combines the power of a laser with a magnetic field and colorful light diodes. They all are modulated to work coherently in order to support the body in its healing process. The energy levels are increased, the communication and the hormonal balance is restored. The method is very gentle and effective with all kinds of health conditions and diseases.

Better Gut Health with coMra

The microbiome is very sensitive and changes can occur due to the diet, water consumption, emotional and mental state of the person, daily routine, activity etc. In short, everything that you do in your life will affect the balance of the bacteria in your gut. For example, if you are sad and stressed, the fluids and the chemicals in your body change. And some substances feed the “good bacteria”, while others like sugar or food preservatives feed the “bad bacteria”. The good news is that if your body is in a good, coherent state there will not be any environmental resources for the “bad bacteria” to grow. Your body can perfectly maintain a healthy gut if it has the energy needed. Here is where coMra can be very useful to support the body and to help the healing process. As most of the vital energy is spent on the work of the organs and the digestion, your body needs some additional energy in order to heal. You can apply the coMra Universal treatment protocols to support the healing of the major organs and systems.

coMra for Autoimmune Disorders

There are various autoimmune disorders but they are all linked to the gut health. The immune system that is alarmed by various triggers produces a constant inflammation in the body and starts a process which affects the whole. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, vasculitis are only a few examples of autoimmune diseases. The medications treatment is focused on getting temporary relief from the symptoms. With coMra Therapy you will not only get some pain relief but will also address the problem. While coMra is a holistic approach, it induces a healing process in your body as a whole, as a balanced system. If the inner coherent state that we call health is restored, then the immune system and all the other organs will work in harmony. In the coMra User Guide find your autoimmune disorder and engage in treating yourself regularly until you see some improvement. Then rest for two weeks and repeat the whole treatment course.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide (or download the mobile app), please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.

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