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How To Lose Belly Fat Faster With coMra Therapy


Additional weight and obesity is a major problem of modern society. The food is full of chemicals which affect metabolism, people consume more sugar than ever and the animal products are packed with hormones. Another major factor is lifestyle, activity routine and emotional state especially when you are distressed. Many people experience difficulties losing weight but the belly fat seems to be even more stubborn. In this article, we will discuss how coMra therapy can support your attempts to lose weight and particularly how to burn that belly fat which is quite harmful for your health.

coMra Therapy for Better Health

Firstly, what is coMra therapy and how does it support your health? This method used for recovery, healing and prevention is very gentle but effective in many cases. The combination of a low level laser with magnets and light diodes creates a specific field which when reaching the cell increases its energy. Then this additional energy becomes a source to be used by the cell for healing and regeneration. The coMra Therapy induces the natural healing abilities in the body by improving the communication in the cell and between the organs. In short, coMra helps you to restore the coherent state and integrity of your body as when all the organs work in harmony, you will experience well-being. Of course, emotions and thoughts are also part of the well-being as you are not only a physical body but a being with a mind and a soul.

For Better Metabolism

When you attempt to lose weight and especially belly fat, you need to increase the metabolism as then you will burn more fat. This goes with changes in your diet as you need to avoid processed foods and mainly all the sugar. Apply coMra Universal treatments 3 and 4 daily to increase your vitality and to fight the mid-afternoon energy slump. You will need to include a liver coMra treatment as this is the organ which is responsible for the elimination of the toxins and also the storage of the glucose. The Universal treatment 3 also increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells which is important for the overall health and your stamina. It will also speed up the recovery time after exercising, which is especially valuable if you are new to taking exercise.

coMra and Detoxifying

To lose weight actually means that your body will get rid of all the toxins and waste materials which were stored in different areas. In order to protect the body from the toxins, your body covers them with fat, so all this additional fat is in fact also full of harmful substances and waste products of metabolism. To support the elimination and the detoxifying process, apply coMra Universal treatment 8. This treatment protocol was created to support the major organs and it is vital for you if you want to lose weight and cleanse your body. Combining it with Universal treatment 3 – Blood will provide you with more energy and will enhance the effect from the exercising.

The Nervous System

When you are losing weight, you feel stressed and may experience emotional swings, troubles sleeping at night, fatigue and brain fog. This is mainly due to the fact that your body cleanse from toxins but also breaking a habit will affect your emotions too. It is very important to support your nervous system, so you can use coMra Universal treatments 5 and 7. It will help your adrenal glands to calm down and to improve your sleep. If the cortisol levels are too high, it is hard to lose weight as the hormonal balance is disturbed and your body will not burn the fat. That is the reason why quality sleep is a part of each weight loss program. The whole endocrine system is affected by the increased production of cortisol, so make sure that you do not skip the adrenal glands treatment on the back.

The coMra Therapy is a safe way to fully support your body during this time of change when you are losing weight. You can apply it as pain relief whenever you need it and help the regeneration of your organs as losing weight is a very complex process which engages your whole being. A holistic approach to your health is the best way to change your lifestyle and keep your weight in a good range.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide (or download the mobile app), please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.

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