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Body Signs of Not Drinking Enough Water


We all know that we need to drink water daily in order for our bodies to function normally? But how much water do you actually need? How can you understand that your body needs more water each day? Water is used in many different processes and reactions in your cells, it is vital for your health and you need a good supply of fresh, clean water for your organs and systems to operate. Which are the body signs of water deficiency which can tell you that you are dehydrated?

You feel thirsty

This one is quite obvious but do you know that if you feel thirty, then your body is already dehydrated. Very often you can mistake thirst for hunger and then you think that you need to eat more food. But if you are dehydrated, taking another meal will make things even worse. The only good option in that case would be a big bowl of salad or some watery fruits as they consist of some water. Another common mistake is to drink soda, juice, coffee or tea when you are thirsty. However, most of these liquids may contain sugar and milk. For your body, they are actually food and they have to be digested, which means using energy resources to handle these substances. Water is water, you cannot substitute it with sugary drinks, coffee or milk. In fact, for every cup of coffee or tea you need two glasses of water to restore the balance as they act as diuretics. Great amounts of diuretics can also lead to dehydration as they force the water in your cells to leave the body.

Constipation and other digestive issues

The quantity of water that you need very much depends on the food that you eat. If your meals are made of dry foods like bread, baked potatoes, fried meat etc., then you need to balance them up with more water. Needless to say that if you experience constipation or other digestive issues, your body is quite dehydrated. Proteins in your food need a lot of water to be digested, so make sure that you drink enough water an hour and a half after a protein rich meal. On the contrary, if you eat a lot of salads and watery fruits, you will need to drink less water as some vegetables like cucumbers for example, consist of more than 90 percent water.

Headaches, migraine and other

If your body is dehydrated, you will start experiencing headaches in the late afternoon. Having chronic migraine attacks is a sign that you have not been drinking enough water for quite a long period. The reason for this is that your brain needs a lot of water. The hangover, for example, is a result of the dehydration of the brain because alcohol is a great diuretic but it also dissolves the fats which protect your brain. Without enough water, the blood circulation will slow down and the blood itself will become thicker. This means that your heart and your brain will start experiencing increased pressure. Your heart will try to compensate and your breathing will be affected too. If you feel shortness of breath after some moderate exercising or even walking, then you definitely need to revise the amount of water you consume daily.

What is the quality of your water?

In nature, water is fresh, pure and full of life. How about the tap or bottled water? Is there are life or energy left in it? No, the molecular structure of water was destroyed by transportation, bottling process and shelf time. However, there is a solution for this issue. Check the new product line crowdfunding campaign to get great discount on the devices which can make your water better. The coMra Wave devices have another function as well – they protect you from the harmful cellphone’s radiation.

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