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How to Boost Hypothalamus Function Naturally

Hypothalamus is that part of the brain which controls the glands and the production of the hormones in the body. It regulates the temperature, the thyroid and adrenal glands. The normal functioning of hypothalamus is essential for the body weight, the reproductive organs and the whole endocrine system. Hypothalamus also controls the fluid and electrolyte balance, the digestion and the blood pressure. It releases dopamine and regulating hormones which stimulate the production of thyroid hormones, gonadotropin, the growth hormone etc. The physical functions like hunger, thirst, mood, sex drive, sleep, hunger are controlled by this part of the brain.

Hypothalamus Disorder

Injuries, malnutrition, radiation, inflammation or infections may affect the normal functioning of the hypothalamus and as a chain reaction to disturb the inner balance of the whole organism. If you have obesity or adrenal dysfunction, then your hypothalamus might need some support. Conditions like Hashimoto disease, growth hormones deficiency, strong headaches, brain tumors and secondary male hypogonadism often occur as a result of hypothalamus disorder. The best way to support its functioning is to change your lifestyle, eat rich in nutrients diet and apply coMra therapy to induce the healing process.

coMra Therapy

The coMra therapy is a very gentle and non-invasive method which is highly beneficial for the cells inducing the healing and recovery process in different organs and systems. The laser, the magnets and the colorful light diodes work in harmony in order to provide the needed energy for the cells to start their own regeneration. The Universal Treatment 1 – Head from the coMra user guide was specially created to support the functioning of the brain and the central nervous system. As everything in the brain and in the body is interconnected, applying any other treatment will positively affect the overall health. You can combine the treatment of the head with Universal Treatment 2 – Heart or the Universal Treatment 3 – Blood. The coMra therapy has no negative side effects, so you can plan your own personal treatment course including the specific conditions that you suffer from.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

For the health of the hypothalamus make sure that your eat more chromium containing foods like broccoli, garlic, oranges, green beans, basil, potatoes and bananas as this mineral is vital for the brain. Try to consume more healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, grass-fed butter and wild caught salmon as fats are essential for the hormones production and the normal functioning of the brain. They support the maintaining of healthy levels of cholesterol which plays a major role in the hormones synthesis.

Managing the stress levels are vital for the health of the adrenal glands and hormonal balance in the body. Getting enough and quality sleep is crucial for your health as lack of sleep could cause excessive cortisol production and may lead to adrenal fatigue. Using essential oils can help you deal with both stress and inflammation, so you can try frankincense or ylang ylang oils which had very calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Exercise regularly to support the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Your body needs movement in order to function normally and the combination of time in nature with exercises would calm you down, tone your muscles and improve your emotional state.