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Boosting Your Immune System During the Winter


How can you feel warm and toned during the cold season? Are there any methods that will keep your blood circulation good and will boost your immune system, so you to spend a better winter?

When it is cold outside, it affects us in many ways, the body is fighting against the bad conditions, the immune system has a lot of work as viruses are everywhere, our emotional state is also not the best one. So, what you could do to boost your immune system in order to spend a calm and nice winter?

Lots of tea and warm water

One of the best ways to keep the body warm is by drinking plenty of warm clean water and tea. The water that we make the tea with, should be fresh and even better if it is structured as then it has even more energy which is wonderful for your body. A cup of warm tea is always a good idea during the winter – herbal, ginger, green, fruit. You can drink as much as it feels nice, just the black tea should not be more than two cups per day as it is too strong and could affect the heart, the blood pressure and the quality of your sleep.

Vitamin C

This important vitamin is needed for many processes inside your body so you need to consume enough raw and fresh fruits and vegetables in order to supply your organism with it. Fruits like apples, grapefruits, kiwis etc. are rich in vitamin C. however the vegetables like cabbage, red pepper, greens, broccoli etc. are also a great source of it. If you feel that your immune system is a bit down, supplement of vitamin C would also give it a boost especially in periods of stress and exhaustion.

Work it out

Your need your blood circulation to be good in order not to feel cold all the time during the winter, so working out is a magnificent method to get in shape and keep your blood running. All kinds of exercising routines are fine to make you feel toned and energetic, you need to find your most suitable one in just to avoid injuries because cardio or high intensity training, yoga or swimming, everything that engages your muscles in exercising would do the work.

Body conditioning

The coMra Palm is a device that combines the power of a laser, magnets and light and when used to on different points on the body, will condition your whole body and will boost your immune system. You can apply coMra therapy as a prevention method to support your systems and organs especially during the cold season when your body is using a lot of its energy to keep you warm. You can apply it when pain-relief is needed too and to treat the symptoms if you catch a cold, you can use the Universal Treatments as a prevention method too. More details about the treatments could be found in the coMra user guide.

Spa and breathing

The deep breathing techniques are helping the oxygen to reach the cells so they to work effectively during the challenging cold days and are also good for the blood circulation. On the top of that, breathing in a calm way would make you feel relaxed and less stressed. The spa procedures in warm water could help you heal your body if you feel cold and tired, the water is also good for the tight muscles and bones. You will feel relaxed after visiting the spa centre and your improved emotional state is also helping you to recover from any disease. The time spend in the sauna or steam room is good for the blood circulation too, so you will feel the coldness outside less throughout the day.

Depending on your attitude and daily routine, the cold season could become a great and refreshing period of the year. If you are healthy and energetic, if you feel in a good shape and your body is toned, your emotional state is uplifted, then the winter is just another season bringing the white beauty of the snow and is a part of the natural cycle of life.