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Boost immunity with coMra therapy


The science of COVID-19 immune challenge and practical tools to use at home.

Garrett Murrin: 1600 UTC, where I am in is 9 am, I think it is 5 pm or 6 pm where Arzhan is. Everyone is all over the world here, welcome — lovely to have you all here! Today we gonna go through, obviously, you can see the title slide here, immunity and how that relates to this virus.

And we gonna go through some practical details of that. Right now I will hand the meeting over to Arzhan. Dr Arzhan Surazakov, he is a research scientist, he is our Director of research and development. Here, at Radiant Life Technologies.

So Arzhan is gonna walk you through the basic science. So with that… Arzhan, thank you very much. I am gonna hand the slides, meeting over to you, yeah…

Webinar: Boost immunity with coMra therapy

Arzhan Surazakov: Thank you, thank you, Garrett! Hello everyone!

I am joining you from South Russia, from the coast of the Black Sea. Yes, we too are getting into the spring, a very nice time. But the times are interesting — I totally agree!

In this presentation, we will talk about immunity, about specifically the immune challenge, when it comes to the COVID-19. The science of it, how coMra therapy can help you and what are other practical tools that everybody can use at home.

So there is a very simple, but profound question. When I turn on the TV, I look at the news, it seems like a single person can’t do anything, in the face of this global crisis. So we see that the governments are introducing lockdowns, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes are racing towards finding drug, vaccine.

So does it automatically mean, that we are actually indeed, sort of left helpless and we have to wait until the national health care system does something for us? In other words, do we really shift responsibility for our health onto the established system?

So we decided to do this webinar and the webinar week before because we are convinced that the actual situation is quite the opposite.

And the current coronavirus crisis clearly shows that the model on that picture that I drew is not wrong as such, but there is a huge gap. What is missing from this current model between healthy organism, when coronavirus comes in, get infected and between the virus and us are only measures of preventing infection, like quarantines and the lockdowns. And then medication, various firewalls between us and the virus. So, of course, the missing gap is our immune system.

When we think about it, actually, each one of us carries the most powerful, the most advanced Research and Development department, if I may call it this way. The immune system has evolved on this planet for millions of years. And it evolved so that it can actually deal and get rid of all kinds of unwelcome guests inside us, inside our body.

Actually, it is so powerful, that it can recognise a new pathogen, like for example a new virus. Within days, and then come up with means to target this new virus and then clear it out. And again, for comparison, it takes months, sometimes years for our scientists, for our researchers to come up with artificial means to tackle the virus. And so far, again to put it into perspective, there are almost 200 different viruses out there. And more or less 10 out of those 200 we manage to have some kind of medication. So it means that our immune system has to deal with the rest.


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