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How To Stay Calm And Balanced In Stressful Situations


We all live in very interesting times as the situation worldwide is new and uncertain. Borders are closed, people are advised to stay home, countries are in a lock-down, the media is streaming news and numbers all the time. Many people tap into panic and fear but at the same time they want to boost the immune system. However, staying calm and balanced in this stressful situation will have a great impact on your health and immunity. This might mean to do some inner work and to use the tools you have to preserve your mental health in order to be able to support the people around you.

Why Stress Is Dangerous?

Stress is a normal reaction of the body and has its role in survival. When you are in danger, the signals from your brain will start a chain-reaction to engage your muscles in order for you to escape. But chronic stress is a totally different story, the levels of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are constantly high which will deplete the body from resources. When the nervous system is triggered like that all the time, it actually suppresses the immune system. The body literally lacks the energy to maintain all its functions while the cortisol production is a priority. In other words, if the stressful situations occur too often, the body will soon be affected. Nowadays, we speak more often about emotional stress which has its negative impact on the body as it affects the hormonal balance, the quality of your sleep, the mental health and leads to illnesses like diabetes, autoimmune diseases and heart issues.

How to Use coMra?

In order to manage the stress-response on a physical level, your body needs more energy and well-functioning adrenal glands. On the other hand, if you suffer from an illness or a chronic disease, you may find yourself in distress even more often. To induce the healing process in a non-invasive way is key to better immunity. For this purpose, you can use coMra therapy as its low level laser is specially modulated to work in harmony with a magnetic field and LED diodes. They all work together with the body intelligence to increase its energy resources and to awake its inner healing abilities. There are many coMra protocols designed to heal, support and prevent diseases. Additionally, you can apply coMra as a pain relief, to support the nervous system and to boost your immunity.

What Does Well-Being Mean?

The harmony on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level results in the experience of well-being. When all your parts are working and living together as one, you are healthy. The root of well-being or health, is the coherence of everything that is you and it is more than just the physical body, it is beyond your emotions too. Any disharmony between your parts will create some kind of a response. That is why, it is more obvious than ever, that all diseases are first created on an emotional or mental level, before they manifest as a disease on the physical one.

Monitor Your Thoughts

In order to manage your stress response, you will need to start from the roots – your thoughts. It might not be that easy to become aware of every thinking pattern in your mind overnight, but just start where you are. Try to limit your exposure to the media and monitor your thoughts. It is important to catch what you are thinking as the stress response starts there. If you assume that you are in danger, your body will follow that thought and the whole chain-reaction will start. Any resistance to what is creates suffering, so find a way to shift your perception of the situation. Instead of thinking about the uncertain future, look for opportunities and try to see the good things that will come out of the situation.

Being Detached

If you detect negative thoughts crossing your mind all the time, you still have a choice and can decide not to attach to them. If you react automatically to the worst scenarios projected in your mind, the body will respond with emotions. Even if fear and panic prevail around you, you still can stay detached and not take these on yourself. Recognize your emotions but do not let them drown you into anxiety or despair. The tools you can use is to focus on the present moment, not to worry, to connect with the calmness and to choose your mood. Try to focus on the things that you can experience gratitude about.


The most important connection in your life is the one with your inner being. With this magical and huge being that is you. Try to be fully present, to experience here and now with an open mind and heart. Accept and embrace yourself and welcome the time you have being alone. Dive deep into your feelings and listen to the silent voice of your heart. Go deep into yourself and spend some quality time to do your retrospection. Nourish yourself with things that are good for you and which give you joy and peace like nice books or your hobby. Be creative and get busy with your hands in order to explore and express yourself in your unique way.

Relaxation And Meditation

In order to stay calm and balanced in stressful situations, you need to learn how to relax. Breathe deeply and try to let go, relax the muscles with stretching or lying on the bed without moving while listening to music or natural sounds. You can also try practicing yoga nidra, doing yourself slow massage, lighting some candles and filling a hot bath with essential oils. Relax your body but also relax your mind. Stay in the silence left after you stop the internal narrative, look for the gaps between your thoughts and tap into the silence of your presence. Observe what is going on without judgement. Maybe it will not happen on your first try or as you imagine it but keep going. If the intention is there and you take action on it, then all you need is to make the next step and stay open to learning and growing.

Communication And Support

Although, we are all advised to stay home and to physically isolate ourselves from others, we can do our best to stay connected to people who are important to us. Reach out to your friends and family to offer and accept support. Make the effort to keep the communication with people even if you cannot go out. However, do not gossip and avoid speaking negatively about the situation in order to preserve your energy and to protect the emotional well-being of others. The last thing you want is to feed the fear in the people around you. Although the situation is hard, it can be a great opportunity to work on the communication with your closest family members and the people you live with. In stressful situations, the support of others is very much needed and appreciated.

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