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Can You Use Low Level Laser Therapy Devices At Home


What is a LLLT device?

Low level laser therapy ( LLLT) has developed a lot in the last fifty years and now it is a technology used to address medical conditions of a very wide range. The low level laser devices are used by medical clinics, beauty salons, practitioners and home users. The size of the LLLT devices can vary from big machines to small portable devices working on a battery. The device is then placed on naked skin in order for the cells to receive the light, the photons are absorbed by the mitochondria in the cell, then turned into energy used for healing and regeneration.

The devices consist of lasers with different wavelengths. Some devices like coMra, combine the lasers with light diodes, however coMra devices have also magnets and some of them ultrasound as well. If you do not own a LLLT device, you will need to organize sessions with a practitioner. On the other hand, if you have your own device, you can apply LLLT every time when you or your loved ones need treatment. 

 What is the best low level laser therapy device?

Low level therapy devices have shown great results with a wide range of conditions and are used by professional clinics and beauty salons as well as numerous home users around the globe. They boost cellular metabolism, provide regeneration and pain relief. When choosing the best low level laser therapy device, you will need to check several points in order to find out the best for yourself. What is the wavelength of the lasers used, what conditions can be treated and is there a manual, is there an expert available for some advice if you get lost in your treatment program? 

What is the best low level laser device out there? The short answer will be – the one that is available and you know how to use. Also, it will be better if the device is portable with a long lasting battery. The most popular wavelengths used are 650nm for skin and joint pain, 808 nm for tissue regeneration, 905nm for focused and safe deep healing and 980nm for safe pain relief and an induced healing process in the whole body. In coMra, we have devices with both 905nm lasers (coMra Delta) and 980nm lasers (coMra Palm). After years of studies and thousands of cases, we have created a very detailed user guide with hundreds of treatment protocols. 

How much does a low level laser cost?

While low level laser therapy is very effective and non-invasive, more and more people want to try it. The question is how much does it cost? First of all, it depends if you are planning to buy your own low level laser device or you are going for sessions in a clinic or with a practitioner. The average session price will range from 50$ up to 250$, and you will need between 5 and 12 procedures in order to experience some improvement as the benefits are rather cumulative than instant. Some health conditions might require more sessions. 

Compared to the prices of the low level laser devices made for home users specifically, it is a very good investment to have your own personal device. However, not every low level laser device on the market is the same. The wavelength of the lasers used is different and not so many of the devices are coming with a user guide for the treatment protocols, so in most cases you will need to guess if you can use the device for anything other than joint pain. With coMra, everything is transparent and you can have all the information about the specifics of the device, the numerous treatments you can apply and the full support system created around coMra low level laser therapy. The best part is that coMra Palm comes at a very affordable price and you will not need to invest thousands of dollars just to have your own low level laser. 

Does low level laser work?

Low level laser therapy works great for a wide range of conditions and diseases. However, you will need to choose your device or clinic very carefully. It is also referred to as phototherapy or photomodulation as it uses photons which do not produce heat to alter the biological activity of the cells. Most devices have either lasers or light diodes, producing light in order to stimulate the cell metabolism as the cell turns this light into energy. In coMra, these two are combined to work together in a coherent harmony. 

The medical applications are various and low level lasers can be used to reduce inflammation, as a pain relief, to promote tissue regeneration and to guide a healing process from chronic diseases too. Recent studies have shown that a low level laser is a safe, non-invasive and effective way to control pain and to support or induce healing. For many years, low level lasers were also used in the aesthetic salons for photorejuvenation procedures treating fine wrinkle, scars and pigmentation. 

 Is low level laser therapy safe?

When treated with low level lasers, the cells and tissues are exposed to low levels of red and infrared light which does not produce any heat sensations, that’s why they are also called cold lasers. LLLT is considered a safe and non-invasive method of healing and pain control. There are no negative side effects on the body and no recovery time is needed after the procedure or the session. The low level lasers are not linked to cutting, thermal coagulation or  heat. The low level laser therapy is considered very safe and a great non-invasive alternative to conventional methods like medications and surgery. 

Is low level laser therapy effective?

Hundreds of studies and cases have shown that low level laser therapy is highly effective when treating a very wide range of conditions from acute pain to more serious medical conditions and even chronic diseases. Even the FDA has approved it after thousands of studies on low level laser therapy demonstrating the positive effects from it. It is a great alternative to potentially harmful medications or invasive surgery. Depending on the wavelength, not every LLLT device will be useful when treating different conditions. That is why in coMra, the combination of a laser with diodes and magnets, provides an even better result with conditions like thyroiditis, eye neuropathy, diabetes, joint pain, digestive issues and many, many more. 

coMra Devices as a Next Step in Low Level Laser Therapy

In coMra therapy devices, the effect of the laser is supported by the light emitting diodes, magnets and, in the Delta product line, ultrasound. All these irradiances create a coherent field which is specially modulated to work together as a whole, providing a wide range of energies for the cells to work with. As a result, the body is supported in a very intelligent way, its abilities to heal are induced in a very gentle and non-invasive way. That is why coMra therapy was used to people with all kinds of medical conditions with great effect. From acute pain to inner organs conditions and chronic diseases. 

In coMra Palm, the laser used is of 980nm wavelength, the same is in the Aestethic Terminal of the coMra Delta. The Medical Terminal of coMra Delta, has 905nm laser. Apart from providing you with the device, the tool to heal and control pain, we deliver a full support in terms of a friendly made User Guide, available both as a web page and a mobile application, a knowledge center with numerous articles, case studies and free webinars and a virtual expert consultation to you to address additional questions. With all that, when you decide to have your own coMra device, you will have access to all the needed information and support for your healing journey. 

 Can I buy my own low level laser?

Low level laser devices are now available for home use too. You can definitely buy your own and have it close any time when you need a treatment. It is recommended to choose a device that is versatile and can be used for both pain control and other more serious conditions, even for chronic diseases. While the price range can vary from a couple hundreds of dollars to several thousands, find one that will cover your needs as it is a good investment in your present and future health. In addition, you should be able to use a LLLT device for many years without the need to change it. 

Is cold laser the same as low level laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy and low level laser therapy are terms referring to the same procedure. While the wavelength of the lasers used in low level laser therapy is such that it does not produce any heat or warmth sensation when used on the skin, they are also called cold lasers. 

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