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Solution For Health Conditions Linked To Chronic Fatigue Part 1

The flushing of toxins out of the body could cause headaches, fatigue and even nausea. However, these symptoms will disappear very quickly and everything will soon be in the normal ranges. On the other hand, if that condition lasts for months then it could be a sign for …
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The Mindset Behind It: Liver Diseases

Which thoughts and emotions affect the health of the liver negatively? Are there hidden patterns in your mind which cause you to experience the emotions of anger and fear?
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The Mindset Behind It: Constipation

How to notice the inner conflicts which might cause constipation in the body? Which are the thinking patterns that manifest as constipation and how to see and change them? How your emotional state and your thoughts affect your body and how to read the messages?

The Mindset Behind It: Headaches and Migraines

Which are the thoughts that cause headaches but you have never noticed them? How the pain in the head and the brain is formed on an emotional and mental level? Are you aware of your thinking patterns that might manifest as migraines on the physical level?

The Mindset Behind It : Overweight and Obesity

Which are the emotions and thoughts that will cause your body to react with gaining a lot of additional weight? Obesity and overweight could be a result of very complicated emotional patterns and the reasons may vary a lot. Every condition starts in the mind, so the emotions and thoughts will eventually manifest on the physical level as a disease.