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coMra therapy Is In Harmony With The Principles of Life – Part 1

The body is a very complex system where all the organs are working together. But your thoughts lead to emotions and they influence the body directly. Maybe you don’t see if it happens one time but a repetition of a certain thinking pattern will eventually manifest in your body either as health or as a disease.
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The Mindset Behind It: Low/High Blood Pressure

Which are the hidden patterns in the mind that would manifest as low or high blood pressure? How to understand the messages sent from the body in order to heal the condition starting with its cause? The thoughts and beliefs that we carry with us could turn into harmful emotions which change the inner balance of the body.

My Verses on coMra

These verses I share summarise simply the principles of coMra, as well as reflecting some of my experiences and of others who have been using this way of treating for years. I hope you will enjoy what it means having coMra with me in my life.     They share their acute or long-term suffering, …

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