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What Causes Bloating and How to Treat It


Many people suffer from some kind of digestive problems or disorders and one of the reasons is the poor quality of the food that comes with the artificial additives which are not healthy at all, like colorants, preservatives and trans fats. The digestive system is a very complicated and well organised net of both organs and chemical substances produced in the body. The balance is so delicate that even a little quantity of unknown chemical can destroy it and we often don’t really know what are the ingredients in the food we eat.


Bloating of the belly is a very common condition nowadays and despite of the food quality, it could be the result of stress, not enough activity, insufficient enzyme production, dehydration, too much food at one meal, sugar, alcohol, hormone imbalance etc. When bloating occurs, it is a sign that the healthy balance in the body is disturbed. Here are some details on each of these reasons for  a bloated belly and what to do about them.

Stress and Hormonal Imbalance

When the body produces the hormone cortisol all the time and not only in the situations when we need all our senses to work to the maximum, we experience “stress”. That is mainly a hormonal imbalance as then all other hormones will be affected. The functions of some organs like the liver and the pancreas are also disturbed by the cortisol, so we need to fix and lower the levels of the adrenaline and cortisol in the body. The coMra therapy is a very effective method to deal with stress that could be combined with yoga, sport, meditation, conscious breathing etc.

Inactive lifestyle

The moderate activity every day is vital for the health and the normal functioning of the whole organism, it stimulates the heart, the muscles, the lymphatic vessels and calms down the nervous system. The daily exercising will positively affect the bloated belly as it stimulates the fat burning, tightens the abdominal muscles and supports the detoxification of the blood. All the waste materials are taken out of the cells which helps their normal functions.


People who have this condition tend to not drink enough water as they assume that it will make the bloating even worse. It is quite the opposite though as dehydration is one of the main causes for the bloating for it slows down the whole digestive process and makes the blood thicker which is a huge problem for the heart and the whole cardiovascular system. Water takes part in almost each process in the body and the normal digestion is not possible without it, the bloating could be only one of the results that may occur due to dehydration.

Insufficient enzyme production

The artificial additives in the food could or  problems of the pancreas would lead to insufficient enzyme production. The enzymes are the substances that are produced in the body and are used to support the digestive process and without them the food cannot be processed to the smaller ingredients needed by the cells. The enzymes are also used as  natural inflammatory agents, blood cleansers and immune system modulators. The enzyme supplements could help you in the beginning but the reason for this imbalance has to addressed.The laser therapy with the coMra Palm will support and heal the pancreas in a very gentle and non-invasive way and all the details about the treatment are in the user guide. It is very effective and easy to use.

Poor eating habits

The intake of carbonated drinks could lead to bloating, the large amount of food at one meal too. You need to reduce all the sugar, caffeine, salt, alcohol and fatty processed foods in order to support your digestion. The separation of the food groups in one meal could we helpful too like not to eat proteins and carbohydrates together. You need to chew the food well and to avoid eating in a hurry. You need to observe yourself and to avoid foods like beans that might increase the gas production in the intestines too. The rich in fruits and vegetables diet is good for the overall health and the digestion process as it provides the necessary vitamins, minerals and fibers.