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Causes and Natural Healing of Constipation


Due to the quality and eating habits of the modern society, a lot of people are suffering from constipation nowadays. Except for the fact that is an uncomfortable condition, it also may lead to serious diseases and might compromise the overall health. Headaches, weight gain, high blood pressure and even cancer are some of the conditions that might follow the constipation. Let us go through some of the causes of it and how to treat them naturally.

Too much sugar intake

If you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods which contain white flour, corn syrup or other fast carbohydrates that will be turned into sugar, you may experience high blood pressure, brain fog, high blood sugar, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, minerals insufficiency and among all these unpleasant conditions, constipation too. The sugar from the food also is feeding the bad bacteria in your intestines which may lead to yeast infection and overall toxification as these bacteria are emitting toxins in your blood. The digestion process is compromised directly and the nutrients from the food are not absorbed properly by the body. This would lead to weight gain and malnutrition of the cells. So try to avoid sugar in all its form and replace it will an intake of fruits.


The body needs water in order to function properly as water takes part in almost each process in the cells and the organs. The normal digestion process also depends on water as the food is turned into fluid that is moving through the intestines and the colon. If you don’t drink enough water, don’t eat enough watery fruits or salads, by the time the food reaches the colon, it is too dry to move freely through it. The walls of the colon then are slowly covered in waste products which may lead to various diseases and not sufficient absorption of the nutrients. Make sure you drink enough water daily to easen the digestion and to prevent from constipation.

Bad peristaltics

If you take laxatives to fight the bad peristaltics and to increase the bowel movement, your body will at one point get dependent on them and the bowel movement will get even slower. You need to increase the movement of the food inside your body naturally by exercising, drinking enough water and get on a healthy diet. Some foods like flax seeds, chia seeds, oat nuts, prunes and apricots will help you healing the causes of the constipation without the fast and easy effect of the laxatives. Try to avoid medications when you are healing from constipation and try get to the roots of this condition. You can strengthen your digestive system and heal the intestines and the colon with an innovative coMra therapy. In the Gastroenterology section of the user guide, you will find the various treatment courses that will help you heal, recover and prevent from digestive issues. The coMra Palm device is very easy to use, gentle to the body and very effective without any side effects but only benefits for you.

Diet poor in fiber

You need to get enough fiber with your food in order to ease the digestions process and the movement of the food through the organs of the digestive system. Try to eat more vegetables, grains and other whole natural foods in order to provide the needed fiber. You can add raspberries, blueberries, beans and lentils, pears and apples etc. to your diet in order to get enough fiber that will ease and support your digestion.

Manage your stress

The high levels of stress means that the body is producing too much cortisol and this may affect many aspects of your health. The stomach and the whole digestive system could react very quickly to the emotional stress, so you need to find a way to manage your response to any kind of a stressful situation. Some activities may help you reduce the cortisol levels, however this varies from a person to another, some like to do yoga while others prefer walking in the nature. The coMra therapy is providing a very good way to treat emotional and mental stress. You could  find the Universal treatments from the user guide very helpful and easy to apply in order to control or prevent from experiencing high levels of stress. You can combine the Universal treatments with any other treatment course in order to heal constipation or other issues.


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