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Causes and Natural Healing of Hair Loss


Several hairs to fall in the shower is a normal thing and we can’t speak about a hair loss in that case, however if more than fifty hairs are falling each day and thinning on the scalp is visible, then the problem has to be carefully addressed and observed. The hair is showing instantly the changes that happen inside the body and registers the imbalance quite quickly. Sometimes, things like the change of the season, the climate, the location and travelling can cause a short period of hair loss but that is not a medical condition as the balance is restored naturally.


In other cases, the hair loss may start almost unnoticed in the beginning but registered after some time of repeated hair falling. It is normal the hair to become thinner with the age, however if you see that too much hairs are left on your comb every day, you might want to look through the causes of hair loss and heal or prevent the bad condition of your hair. Everyone wants strong and beautiful hair, so let us check the main causes for hair loss and how to heal the roots of the condition.

Cause 1: Stress

Physical and emotional stress is the main reason why people who doesn’t have any family history with hair loss to start experiencing it at some stage of their life. The high cortisol levels that lead to the constant feeling of stress could be controlled by lifestyle changes, laser coMra therapy, regular sleep patterns, herbal teas of melissa, thyme or lavender etc.  The laser therapy with the coMra Palm and especially the universal treatments that you will see in the user guide, would support the inner healing ability of the body and the immune system, would provide regeneration of the tissues and the organs. It is very effective and gentle, moreover you can combine the laser therapy with essential oils and massage therapy, supplements like ashwagandha, aloe vera, B complex vitamins and the minerals zinc, selenium, chromium for even better results.

Cause 2: Medical conditions or medications

Some medical conditions or the intake of the medications that comes with them, may lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. We recommend you to check all the conditions that the coMra laser therapy can successfully heal or at least can control the symptoms. The laser is very gentle and not like some aggressive medications which do more harm than good.  You can search for any other alternative ways to address your condition without taking pills and chemicals. You can support your body and the healing process with more organic food like whole grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Cause 3: Hormonal changes or imbalance

Actually, the causes of the hair loss are interconnected and complex. In any case of medical condition, you have to look for the stress factor and try to reduce it as much as possible. The high levels of cortisol, may be the reason for a hormonal imbalance which is one of the main causes of hair loss. The coMra laser therapy will help in that case too, as the laser supports the overall health. You may try the effect of some natural supplements like saw palmetto, rhodiola, fish oil, pumpkin seeds oil, chia and flax seeds, hemp protein and the essential oils like thyme, sage, geranium, frankincense, lavender etc. Some changes in the hormones are normal with the age, so you just want naturally to support the body going through that period.

Cause 4: Deficiency of nutrients

The insufficient amount of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and proteins in the body will cause not one or two problems, however the hair will quickly show that to you. It may become dry, dull or can start falling. Even after the first signs and in order to prevent hair loss, it is a good idea to revise your diet. In order to provide all the needed nutrients for your healthy body, you need lots of fruits and vegetables, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, green tea, wild-caught fish. Also enough good fats like olive oil, avocado and nuts and a good supply of proteins from eggs, peas, hemp and beans.

Cause 5:  Toxic environment

You need to clean the environment around you by throwing away all the cosmetics that may contain aggressive chemicals and to exchange the cleaning products with less poisonous ones. You can try to use more organic oils, natural shampoos, essential oils and bio cosmetics that will not put additional and potentially dangerous ingredients on your skin and into your body. The causes of hair loss can hardly be addressed and healed only by changing the cosmetics brand, however if you use too many products loaded with chemicals, this might be needed. As the hair is very sensitive to the climate and the air, you may want to revise you daily habits of spending time exposed to polluted or dry air.

As the causes of hair loss might be very complex, you need to go through all of them and approach the first signs of falling hair, as a warning  and a signal to do something towards prevention and promoting hair growth. To examine your hair often is a great habit as each little change in the inner balance will be shown by it. The healthy and strong hair is always beautiful, so the prevention is the best way to approach your way of taking care for it. If you are in a good health condition, your hair will be strong and glowing.