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How coMra-Therapy expresses the 5 principles of life


Life is a regenerative process;

Regeneration means to create again and a process implies that the regeneration flows from step to step. Our bodies go through this regenerative process all the time. Old cells die and new ones are created continually.

coMra-Therapy supports this process of renewal by optimising energy production within the body.

Life is one interconnected whole;

I am connected to the people around me by how I perceive and how I respond. The people around me are connected to other people, and those people to other people. In this way all people are connected and so the way that I live my life affects everyone in some way.

The cells in our body are also connected in a similar way. When treating one area of the body with coMra Therapy, because the whole body is interconnected I am in effect treating the whole system.

Life is a gentle, natural evolutionary process;

Music is a vibration that if I listen carefully and immerse myself in the sound changes my whole state of being. Music is very gentle but it is also coherent. If music can have such an effect on my state of being, what about other coherent vibrations?

coMra Therapy is specifically designed to be coherent and the vibrations are tuned to support the production of energy for the body to use in healing itself.

Life is a self-sufficient and self-sustaining unto itself;

A healthy body, does not need anything from outside of itself except food and water. Excessive stress can impair the bodies ability to sustain itself.

coMra Therapy is a non-invasive treatment to support the body in the process of getting back in balance without causing harm.

Intent is the one and only pervasive force sustaining all of life.

When I am in an un-healthy state it is easy to forget what it actually feels like to feel healthy. I find a few treatments of coMra Therapy give me a reference point for what good feels like that I can then strive towards by adjusting my lifestyle.