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Improve Your Digestion With coMra Therapy


Digestion is the foundation of physical health. It is not only important what we eat but also how the body can digest and absorb all the nutrients from food. Without good digestion, the human body cannot work properly. Sooner or later, all of the major organs will be affected if the food particles are not digested or eliminated. The diet and the quality of the food may cause digestive issues like stomach pain, bloating, constipation, leaky gut syndrome etc. However, your emotional state also affects the digestive system as stress and negative emotions may cause inflammation in the colon, pancreas, intestines etc. So, the overall health affects digestion and digestion is a foundation for the overall health. You need to restore the coherence and the inner balance in the body so that all the organs to work in harmony.

coMra Therapy

A very gentle and simple method of healing can help you with your digestive and emotional issues. It does not include the usage of any aggressive medications, it is totally non-invasive and supportive. With the harmonious work of the laser, the magnets and the colorful lights, you cells will receive the needed energy and information to start the healing process. With coMra therapy your body will begin to restore its inner coherence. You can use coMra therapy both as a healing method and as a prevention. In the coMra user guide, you will find many conditions and diseases that can be successfully treated with coMra therapy. In fact, when you get familiar with the treatment courses, you can create your own personal one in order to cover your needs. Which treatments to use for digestive issues and diseases?


When you download the coMra user guide from the website, you will see the list of the treatments and the conditions. In the Gastroenterology section, you will find 11 different treatment courses for diseases like hepatitis, colitis, constipation, irritable bowel movement etc. If you feel pain in any part of the abdominal area, you can place the coMra device on that place for several minutes with 5 Hz frequency. After that you can start the treatment course from the user guide. If you are not sure which treatment you need and you just want to support the digestive system, you can apply the Gastroenterology 6 treatment for two weeks. It will support the main organs in the abdominal area and will induce a healing process.

coMra Universal Treatments

As it was mentioned above, the coherence of the body is very important for the healthy state of all its organs, systems and cells. While, coMra therapy is a holistic approach to health, you need to support your other organs too. The  Universal treatments from the coMra user guide are great to be used as prevention and as a way to boost a bit the whole body. The core of the coMra Universal treatments is Universal Treatment 3 – Blood. When you support the work of the circulatory system, the whole body will benefit. All the nutrients and oxygen are transported by the blood so they can reach each cell in your body. Applying Universal Treatment 3 – Blood several times per week will strengthen the blood vessels, will increase the number of red blood cells and will improve the circulation.

coMra cases: pancolitis-ulcerative colitis