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coMra Therapy Improves the Functioning of Each Organ in the Body


Your body is a well balanced system where each organ and cell have their role in sustaining health. They all work in perfect harmony to keep the coherence and well-being of the whole. Every minute hundreds of reactions and processes occur in order to maintain the balance and life itself. Your body has its own intelligence which looks after the healthy condition of every little cell. But there are factors which can interfere with the body intelligence like the environment, the mind, emotions, some substances etc. When the coherence is destroyed, a disease happens as a result. However, if you give your body the needed information and energy, its own intelligence will do the rest to maintain health.

What do the symptoms mean?

Your body has its own way to show you that the coherence is destroyed and it needs some help to restore it. Symptoms and body signs are the messages your body is trying to send you. A change is needed, something has to be done for the body to have more energy in order to start the healing. With more resources and energy, the body intelligence will manage the process. But if it is depleted of energy from years of keeping up with unhealthy lifestyle, negative emotions and hurtful thoughts, healing could be hard. So, when you feel pain, you need to get the message rather than taking a pill to silence the messenger. If you neglect the symptoms, your body will suffer and the messages will get louder.

How coMra therapy supports health ?

What will happen if instead of using aggressive chemicals and medication to try to manage the processes in your body, you just support its own intelligence? There is a way to do this now and it is called coMra therapy. From the low level laser combined with colorful light diodes and magnets, your body will receive the needed information and energy to induce the healing process on its own. With only several treatments, the body intelligence will be awaken again into sustaining the inner balance. This approach gives your organs a mild but powerful support in order to restore their healthy condition. As you can see in the coMra user guide, there are different treatments and they all focus on one or more of the major organs. When the coherence in the work between the organs and the system is restored, you will experience health and well-being. And you will observe the results not only on the physical but also on the mental and emotional level.

Non-invasive approach

The key thing about coMra therapy, is that it is a non-invasive method used for both healing and prevention. There are no negative side effects as it only supports the body intelligence into repairing the damaged tissues and cells. And the body knows how to heal itself while balance and health are its main goals in the process of sustaining life. You do not interfere in its chemical reactions with substances like medications, which fix one thing just to destroy another. With coMra therapy you will support the whole system in a very gentle way. Providing the needed energy for your body to heal, you start a process that is beyond the physical level.

*If you have any questions or cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at info[at] and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.