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How coMra can help for lower back injury


Hello everybody! I got inspired to make this video because about a couple of weeks ago I had an issue with my lower back. Basically I tried to lift my pool bag and I had an acute pain. That basically immobilised me for about 70%.


How coMra can help for lower back injury?

I could never imagine what it means to injure your lower back until it happened to me; even the smallest most basic move was impossible.

For rehabilitation I chose to help myself through swimming and coMra Palming; it did wonders to my recovery and put me back on my feet within a week!


If you have lower back I am sure you know that the best rehab modality is swimming. You get in the pool and you do backstroke style, free style and power drills to avoid the rotation of the back.

Besides that I was lucky enough to have my coMra Palm. My coMra Palm is my lifesaver. It`s a healing device that has low level infrared laser, magnetic field and photo-therapy. And basically what it does – it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

What I did is I was using it for about 10 minutes per point around that area, 3 to 4 times a day constantly. It is very easy to use, you can see, you can turn it on from here, and then from here you choose the frequency, and the duration, the timing, and then you push that and it starts working.

You put it on the area it hurts. For me it was my lower back, for you it may be something else. And the pain relief is amazing. So you have a lower back or any other kind of pain. Get in the pool for your lower back and use your coMra Palm for pain relief.

Thank you, very much!