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Why Is coMra Therapy An Ideal Tool for Naturopaths?


We are sure that, as a naturopath, you want to provide the best health support to your clients, using different resources and practices which together will lead to better results. Therefore, coMra therapy is an useful tool which can be applied by everyone and goes very well with other holistic medicine practices. Even if you have never used low laser therapy before as a natural medical, after a short training and some research you will be able to design coMra treatments in order to support the healing process in your clients. In this article, you will find the most essential information about coMra and why it is an ideal addition to any natural medicine practice. 

How does coMra mean?

In short, coMra therapy works to restore the body’s natural coherence by applying highly coherent forms of non-invasive energy directly to the cells and organs that are affected by a pathological process. As these cells restore their internal structure and function, they in turn take care of the disease and naturally resolve the symptom – be it pain, trauma, suppressed immunity and so on.

The coMra therapy stands for coherence achieved through Modulation of different radiances. We knew that there are essentially 4 radiant energies that have to be united into working together as one coherent whole: infrared laser, four basic colours Red-Green-Blue-Yellow, magnetic field and ultrasound. 

In 2009, Radiant Life Technologies made a breakthrough taking physiotherapy to a totally new level through discovery of the much sought-after technique to combine all four of the radiances into one coherently operating whole.

Why are low level lasers (cold lasers) so effective?

In fact, coMra therapy is a consequence of the research and efforts of hundreds of people around the world who have explored how to use various physical modalities for healing and prevention. In other words, coMra is the result of 50 years of research. It was discovered as early as in the 1960s that low level lasers have certain therapeutic effects. Such lasers were dubbed as “cold lasers” because of their low power which would not cause any burning or heating effect on the body. Since then, various techniques were explored to improve their effectiveness.

The most effective was found to be a combination of a laser and magnetic field. The combined work of the two allowed to achieve a stronger therapeutic effect with a lower level of laser power. This made magnetic laser therapy very safe and suitable for home users, especially as laser hardware advanced and lasers became much smaller and available.

First attempts to produce devices suitable for home users could be dated as early as the end of 1980s. Since then millions of various devices were sold around the world. However further attempts to improve their effectiveness, safety and simplicity of use never ceased.

Who applies it and where coMra is used?

Besides many home users, it is mostly popular with naturopath practitioners – acupuncturists, reflexologists, osteopaths and chiropractors, herbal specialists, device therapy specialists etc.,as well as with veterinary doctors. Many practitioners found that coMra therapy complements their existing practice in a very gentle manner and provides better outcomes and long-term results of their patients.

As of 2020 coMra therapy is used by home users and practitioners in more than 20 countries, including Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

How Does coMra Therapy Work?

The power of homeostasis

Thousands of processes take place in the body all the time and each second it repairs and renovates tissues; eliminates toxins and waste; nurtures, feeds and supports the life of cells; tracks and kills pathogens; keeps temperature and pressure constant. In fact, the body is very capable of self-healing and recovery and it has its own intelligence on how to maintain this vital homeostasis in order to stay alive and healthy. 

To do that, the body needs energy resources and this is where coMra comes in to help. While normal visible light is absorbed quickly by the skin and the layer under it, the infrared light goes much deeper and in that way it can reach the internal organs, blood, lymph etc. When the light is caught by the cells, it is then turned into energy by the mitochondria is stored in a small molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

What is the coMra approach?

The standard allopathic medication approach aims to manipulate one of the chemical pathways as an attempt to control the whole process that leads to a disease. However, the problem with this approach is the really limited knowledge which medical science has about various pathways working in the body and how they are interconnected. The inherent thinking in this approach is that “the body makes mistakes and we humans need to correct them”. 

However, experience shows that we, as humans, have often overestimated our knowledge. What is known today is a huge amount of information, however it is only the tip of an iceberg. New connections and dependencies are discovered each and every year.

On the other hand, coMra embraces a different approach, namely that “the body is always right”. The main task of coMra therapy is to support the body in its own ways of being healthy and to activate the process of natural healing. All of this is balanced by nature and evolution over millions of years. In all life everything is fully interconnected and interrelated, therefore to interfere with such a complexity is an utter risk.

How coMra Works WITH the Body?

Actually, what coMra does is that it works in the same direction as the natural process, not trying to control or change it but by providing additional energy, it induces the healing abilities of the body. The infrared laser and the magnetic field work together to create the primary effect of coMra therapy as they are specifically aligned to one another in order to increase their good qualities. In addition to that, in coMra we have specially modulated light diodes and, in Delta devices, there is also ultrasound. Let us now look into details and see how all the components of coMra work together and create this much needed coherence.

The Low Level Laser

Lasers have such a type of energy that is very resonant or coherent – every pulse of it goes steadily. This creates a strong effect at much lower power than the normal light, because every living cell will resonate with that one frequency stronger and stronger with every pulse.

This process charges the miniature battery in every cell – mitochondria. However, much more is happening since every process inside the cell is activated. This includes general processes like breathing, nutrition, elimination but also could be something much more specific like the functions of the immune cells, for example. 

The Magnetic Field

And since this resonance is happening in a magnetic field, with every pulse each element within the cell will become more and more aligned. The interaction and communication between the cells would be positively affected as well. Their “clocks” will be synchronised in a way, so that the overall co-operation will become much more efficient for some time. That is why whatever natural process is happening, when coMra is applied – it will become more efficient and balanced.

The colour LEDs

The colour LEDs give a gentle additional pulse. They are arranged in certain patterns and work in a certain sequence. All of them are specifically modulated in relation to the laser and in this way most of their light is absorbed by the skin and the subcutaneous layer. This layer of skin is richly saturated with nerve endings. So, most of the colour signals will reach the peripheral nervous system.

As a matter of fact, colours are very much connected to the state of the nervous system which then has a direct psycho-physical impact on the body and its functions. Each colour has a slightly different impact on the nervous system – one may be activating, another is soothing, etc. The way in which the colours are arranged in coMra, gives the body and the nervous system a most balanced stimulation in one case and rejuvenation, in another.

The Ultrasound

Ultrasound creates rhythmic physical pulsation in the tissues, that is why all inter- and intra-cellular processes are improved. So, it works like a catalyst providing a very gentle “massage” to the layers of the skin, increasing the blood circulation and creating new ways for the infrared light from the laser to reach the cells. Only coMra Delta devices have the ultrasound function additionally to the low level laser, magnets and diodes in the coMra Palm. 

How is coMra different from other devices?

More does not mean better, in other words less is more when we speak about lasers and their home use. When Radiant Life Technologies was developing coMra, it was very clear that the key to an effective therapy is not only to combine four radiances together, but also to make them work together in harmony. That is why coMra is safer than other devices and more effective as well.

Ten years ago, we designed our first laser therapy device coMra Delta as the safest and yet one of the most effective devices on the market. The word “safest” means that every person may apply coMra on their own, in most circumstances. By just applying the simple precautions given in the User Guide, it will help with zero side effects. All of the above, together with a very detailed User Guide which is one of the most comprehensive on the market, made coMra devices to be most suitable for the Home User.

Besides that, we designed a Delta 905nm coMra device which is even faster in terms of healing effects. It works very well, especially in a professional environment, allowing for shorter treatments and longer pauses between the treatments. Then three years ago, coMra Palm was created as the smaller and portable version of the preceding devices. 

Which health conditions can be treated with coMra?

Now, we have reached the serious question about the health conditions which can be treated successfully with coMra. Besides the experience with various conditions received by our own research, a global coMra community constantly evolves that knowledge to find new and more effective ways to use coMra therapy. Because of the principles used in coMra, it can be used to treat practically any existing health condition. There are certain areas where coMra therapy is most effective, some areas where it requires more efforts to get healing results and some diseases where it is not that effective.

For example, coMra therapy is very effective for treating wounds, bruises, burns and other injuries, many types of peripheral pain, various infections and inflammations. It is also effective, but requires more effort when healing the joints; the brain; all internal organs like the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas; various body systems, like the digestive, urinary, elimination, lymphatic, circulatory and nervous system. It is effective but will take more time to see the positive results when treating endocrine disorders, autoimmune disorders, skin disorders. Finally, it is not that effective against various hereditary and genetic disorders as it is a non-invasive method for healing but in any case, it will provide a more comfortable life for the patient soothing some symptoms.

Why to use coMra therapy in your practice as a naturopath?

If you are still wondering how coMra will improve your experience as a holistic medicine practitioner and what benefits it has, we have put the following list together. From one side, coMra will work as a little push into the final stage of the healing process, on the other, it will give you more confidence to take cases which are normally out of your scope.

Treating difficult cases

Sometimes the natural medical would achieve only a limited success when working together with the patient or you might reach a healing plateau where no further improvement is visible. In that matter, coMra therapy helps you to get past stumbling blocks in the healing process and can serve as a good complementary method to your practice.

Treating cases that are normally out of your scope

Sometimes your regular client may come with a problem that you would not treat with your normal range of therapies. Now, because coMra therapy is so versatile, instead of referring clients to another specialist, you would be able to treat them using the guidelines from the User Guide or to request advice from another practitioner through the coMra Community.

Extending your practice by hiring assistants

Treating with coMra therapy is mostly a very straightforward process, it does not require special skills once a certain protocol is decided. You can hire an assistant for the treatments which will allow you to focus only on revising the treatment protocols and monitoring the healing process. In this way, you would be able to schedule more visits per day and to provide coMra treatments while doing your own therapy method.

Providing healing support between visits

As a natural medical, you can offer your client to buy a coMra Palm device and in this way support their healing in between visits. In other words, you will achieve better healing results and also can get additional revenue from their purchases. While so many people are now mainly staying at home, with a coMra device in hand, they will need your advice and support to reach them even online or over the phone. For several years now, when visits in person are not possible due to the world situation, some of our practitioners are actually treating clients even abroad, providing all the instructions by sending messages.

Offering prevention programs and well-being packages

In the sense of maintaining health, coMra is not only a healing tool but is also very useful as a prevention method. As a naturopath, you may offer your existing clients special prevention packages that would improve their health, especially when considering general, seasonal or individual health risk factors. Examples would be heart disease prevention, detox, viral infections prevention, stress relief, etc.

Which coMra product is more effective for professional usage and why?

The answer to that question depends on how you plan to incorporate the coMra treatments in your practice. If your device is to be used in a professional setting, most recommended is coMra Delta 905nm “Strong”. It is most useful for doing shorter treatment sessions or doing a treatment protocol just 2-3 times a week.

Normally, all treatment protocols require a daily treatment, 30 minutes on average, but they range from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on the condition. Using coMra Delta “Strong” set with the Medical 905nm terminal allows you to save time because it penetrates deeper and delivers more power directly to the cells. The normal treatment protocols from the User Guide could be shortened, because generally it is targeted to Delta 980nm “Soft” or coMra Palm use.

Since it is portable and small, the coMra Palm device allows for easy self-treatment. It is very durable and is not expensive. So, having each space organised with an individual coMra Palm and also some guidelines from a natural medical or an assistant, would allow patients to do self-treatments. This creates a good alternative to a fully assisted treatment. For more information on how to organise this, please contact us.

On the other hand, you may decide to use coMra Palm in your professional services, depending on how your space and patient procedures are organised. For example, coMra Palm works well in a multi-bed environment, where a patient receives guidelines from a doctor and then receives a treatment in a separate individual space.

coMra therapy contraindications

Actually, coMra therapy does not have any contraindications in terms of its use. Some users ask questions whether they can use coMra, for example, for eye diseases, or for various implants, in case of tumours, etc.

Regarding the eye disease, one coMra therapist has collected significant experience with great results for some of the conditions and moderate results for others. The only precaution when treating eyes with coMra is to not use 5 Hz frequency and to always keep the eyes closed before starting the treatment and during the treatment of points located directly on the eye orbit.

Regarding implants, most of the artificial installations like various metal implants, biological tissue inserts, artificial joints, stents, etc., interact well with coMra. It does not interfere with implant acceptance.

However, some patients with artificial valves and pacemakers need to be careful. Pacemakers are very finely tuned devices. Since coMra device has 30 mT static magnetic field, it interferes with some of its finely tuned properties. So, it is recommended to keep the device at all times no closer than 30 centimetres to the pacemaker installation spot.

Regarding tumours many research papers show that low level laser therapy does not stimulate tumour growth. This is especially true for coMra therapy as the type of laser and its wavelength, the way sequence is arranged and the low power of the device, provide a very safe health boost which does not stimulate tumour growth.

coMra therapy case reports

Over the years practitioners and users all around the world have gathered an enormous body of cases, case reports, case report series and etc. However not all of that material is available in any given language or reported in a written form, or permitted to be made public.

Most of the material that was translated into English can be found in a special searchable database available on a coMra Life platform. This platform has various facilities that allow coMra users to learn, communicate with other users, find experience on a particular topic, and much more. Besides that you can find some cases in a video form, recorded during various events and published on our YouTube video channel.

coMra support and education

Generally, there is an extensive coMra User Guide that is a very valuable resource. It does explain all the basics and contains 200+ treatments. Studying this User Guide alone will give you an enormous head start into using and practising coMra therapy. Besides what is published, you can always ask for support on a particular topic by writing to us. We will either respond to you right away if we have the information or will find it for you.

coMra community

In addition to all that, once you are a coMra Delta user, a free professional grade education in the form of self-paced video modules will be available for you on the coMra Life platform. And last but not the least, coMra Life platform hosts many users from all around the world. There you can find also practitioners that have multiple years of experience with coMra therapy.

coMra therapy application basics

Just to briefly touch on coMra therapy application basics, we need to mention the approach is quite simple, once you understand it. Applying coMra therapy has a direct impact on cells, up to 10 centimetres deep into the body. That is why applications build on choosed organs, systems that need to be addressed in any particular condition, of course these are the ones which are associated with it.

For example, if it is a headache, then there are points on the head and the blood supply of the head like the carotid artery, and sometimes neck or upper back area. If it is a viral infection, then the circulatory and the lymph systems are treated, using points where arteries are close to the skin surface and have significant blood supply, like carotid arteries, axillary arteries, femoral arteries.

Local and systemic treatments

When it comes to serious diseases, a wide variety of different metabolic processes within our cells and throughout the body are disrupted and impaired. Therefore, in treating long standing or chronic conditions and ailments, greater benefits are provided by a combination of a systemic approach with a local approach. This is why you will be treating:

  • Tissue and organs that have been injured or damaged,
  • The nervous system: brain, spinal cord, ganglia and nerve pathways;
  • Circulatory system: arteries, veins, lymph nodes;
  • Immune system: blood, lymphoid organs;
  • Endocrine system: adrenal glands, thyroid, etc;
  • Other internal organs: kidneys, liver, lymph, colon, etc;

Placement of the device

The coMra devices are placed directly onto the skin. Positioning of the device over a point as shown on a treatment diagram should be done with a reasonable accuracy and does not require high precision. The Laser beam emitted by the coMra device is divergent and covers an area as wide as the device itself and it goes deeper into the body.

Time and frequency

Using coMra Palm is very safe and doing longer treatments will not harm. We invite you to experiment and see what works best for you. Acute conditions, pain and physical injury can be treated as frequently as 4-5 times per day for the first few days, and frequency of treatments can then be reduced as necessary.

  • 5 Hz is the frequency used for deep penetration – for treating the internal organs, skeletal structure of the body, and blood.
  • 50 Hz is the frequency often used when treating muscle disorders, injuries and ailments that are closer to the surface of the skin.
  • 1000 Hz mainly works on the skin and subcutaneous levels. It is used mostly for treating burns, open wounds, superficial ulcers, skin disorders.
  • The Variable Frequency setting (V), which varies intermittently between 5 Hz, 50 Hz and 1000 Hz, is used mostly for joints and bone fractures, larger wounds, infections.

Course of treatments

All the details about the proposed course of treatments, as well as other details, like frequency, points and timing for each particular treatment are listed in the User Guide. The standard course of treatments for many conditions lasts for 2 weeks, however this can be changed or repeated depending on the individual needs. The daily treatments are around 30 minutes per day on average (but may vary from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on the condition). When using coMra Delta 905nm, for some of the less critical conditions a treatment 2-3 times a week might be applicable as opposed to doing it every day.

Breaks in treatments

It is recommended to have a break in the coMra treatments, usually for 1 to 3 weeks. There are two reasons for that. The first reason is that the effects of coMra therapy accumulate in the body and achieve their actual peak some time after you have finished the treatment course. You will make the recommended break and then you will continue from a new peak in terms of recovery.

The second reason – once you remove coMra support and after giving it for some time, the body becomes even more active in terms of recovery due to this little extra stress coming from the absence of coMra therapy. The application of breaks should be measured which means that it should come only when you note that progress was achieved. If there is no improvement the treatments should continue without the breaks.

How to use coMra Delta

 We have an excellent Starting Video Guide for Delta users HERE. Besides that a lot of valuable information is in the coMra User Guide, that you can find HERE. Just choose your language in the settings of application. Otherwise, you can also use the mobile application and have it on your phone all the time, download it from HERE. Anyway, for practitioners we always provide individual support. Just write to us.

Purchase and warranty

We provide an 18 months warranty for each device. We provide support and service for devices many years after that. Our first generation of devices was made 10 years ago and is mostly still functional and if repair is needed we provide that for a small service fee. You can purchase a device in the global shop HERE or on the website where you are now. We deliver fast and free of charge.

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