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coMra – More Than A Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Relief


The human body is a perfect system which has its own intelligence and ways to maintain its inner balance. However, the quality of food, water, activities, emotions etc. affect this system and very often cause disturbance. The body has it way to communicate with the mind when there is something wrong in an organ or a system – through pain. Whenever there is a condition, an inflammatory process or even a harmful emotion, pain will occur. If the pain is a message that is vital for the overall health, then how do you handle it and respond to it is crucial. Do you want to listen to and support your body or you prefer to shut down the signals when something is not right?

Is there a choice?

When we talk about pain, how do you think is there a choice in the way of treating it? Probably, most of the people will reach out to strong pills which promise to soothe the pain immediately. What they actually do, is to block the signals coming from the place of pain. However, the moment their impact on the nerves is over, the pain is back and is even more severe than before. Although, there are cases of emergency when you really need to shut down the body for a while to make a surgery, for example, it is a harmful habit. The aggressive chemicals in pills make the signals of pain disappear for a while but the cause of the problem is still there. In fact, the cause for the problem is most probably getting worse if we speak about chronic conditions and diseases. So, is there a choice? Yes, there is. You can use coMra therapy as a pain relief but there is more to that.

More than a cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapies are getting more and more popular as they are effective and give you a choice over the harmful pharmaceuticals used as painkillers by millions. Although, coMra therapy uses a low level laser, it offers even more. The laser is precisely modulated in order to cover and support your specific needs for healing. You can choose from several options of frequencies depending on what do you want to treat. But there is more to that. In coMra therapy, magnets and LEDs are used to enhance the power of the laser. All the components work coherently to provide the healing effect for the cells. The additional energy is used by the cells then to heal the inflammation or injury. If there is not any urgent need or condition, the cells will use the energy from the coMra device for regeneration and rejuvenation.

coMra for pain relief

So, what about pain relief then? You can use coMra therapy as a pain relief without any negative side effects for your health. The device can be placed on the stomach, your wrist, the heart, the neck or any other point of the body where you feel pain. While coMra will provide pain relief at the moment, it supports also the healing of the damaged organ. In a gentle and non-invasive way, coMra therapy induces the recovery of the affected cells. In fact, it awakens the natural healing abilities of your body without interfering in a negative way. The coMra treatment protocols can be used on everyone including your beloved pet. Apart from them, you can treat the painful area of the body as 5Hz is used for inner organs and 1000Hz is used when treating the skin.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.


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