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coMra Palm appearance on Greek TV


“Anadeixo to” is at the Museum of National Resistance in Ilioupoli and has as a guest, Ms Panagiota Kontoleon. Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

She is a certified coMra somatic therapist, while she is doing a Master’s, degree in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy.


Let’s see what is coMra and where it could help?

Of course! coMra-Therapy is a groundbreaking therapeutic modality. We are a team of 16 people in more than 10 countries and all of us cooperate in order to bring to each household therapeutic modalities and new technologies: coMra-Therapy and coMra Palm.

It is a modality that has magnetic therapy, photo-therapy and low level laser therapy. All three modalities work coherently in this device. We have, of course, devices for professionals, but this device is compact and small so that we can have it anytime with us for any use and for any emergency situation that may happen.

Let’s see how it works.

Of course. It has three energies, as I said earlier, magnetic field, photo-therapy and low level laser. It is known that low level lasers are very effective, they have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Low level lasers are approved by FDA for the immediate pain relief, in case of injury and inflammation. Symptoms subside very fast and it overall helps in regeneration. The natural therapeutic regeneration of the body which, as you know, we all have. When we have tissue damage, which we understand as pain, it means something is wrong. The brain therefore sends a signal in order for the therapeutic process to begin. With this device we help on a cellular level, this process to take place faster and more efficiently in order to have immediate therapeutic results.

How can it ensure a better quality of life for us and why?

Very good question. I will also share with you a personal experience of mine as I was using the device long before I decided to do it professionally, as I saw the results and that is why I decided to do it. Basically, it stimulates each cell to perform the regeneration process. Additionally, it improves the blood flow and charges its particles in order to do their work better and it works systemically as it stimulates the nervous system and locally where therapy is needed.

Consequently, for pain – and I can share a personal example. A month and a half ago I had a lumbago, as you know and I have told you, I was using coMra-Therapy every day 3-4 times a day around the area that was hurting and I was back on my feet within a week. It is ideal for musculosceletal issues, neck pain, back pain, joints, knee pain and other joints. It is effective in neuropathic pain, chronic pain, because it works on a cellular level.

If I could put it in simple words, it helps the production of ATP, the adenosine triphosphate, which are the batteries of our body, of our cells, in order to perform the therapeutic process. Improves the blood flow and it also helps our body, because when we get stressed, when we are injured and in pain, our immune system drops. Therefore, it first helps the regeneration, the strengthening of the body and consequently it helps locally where it is required and needed.

Can anyone use it? Is it easy to use? Can we see how it works?,

It is very easy to use. We can turn it on from here. We choose the frequency and the duration, based on the User Guide’s directions and by pressing this button it starts working. We place it accordingly where we hurt, not over the clothes, directly on the skin and it works. When the time is over it will let us know so that we move on to the next point.

Approximately for how long could we use it and how many times a day?

It depends on the condition, that’s a very good question. For example, for migraines, the therapeutic treatment lasts for 10 minutes. When I had the acute pain in my back when I had the lumbago, I was using it for 10 minutes per point, all around the area, imagine 5-6 points by 10 minutes each, it could have been 1 hour per time. Therefore, when we have acute pain we increase duration. When we have a milder pain that we treat immediately, when we feel it, we have immediate results.

When it comes to its use and depending on the condition each one may have, how can we practically know which one of the two or three functions of the device to use?

For example, if someone has knee pain we go to the Index, look for “knee” we see “page 78″ and we go to the page 78 where we see”knee joint”, “osteoarthritis in the knee”, and it shows the exact points where we need to place the device, with the sequence, frequency and time needed as I showed earlier. So, very easily we take the device, we choose the frequency – first we see it is 5 Hz, the duration, which is 1 minute and by pushing the button the device starts working, and we place it on the points shown on the User Guide.

Besides the printed User Guide, there is a mobile application that one can download and can access it at any given point and time. The printed User Guide is also free of charge for anyone who wants to see it and download it from my site

Very nice. Can you give us some examples of people who used it and how it helped them?

Sure. Firstly, I will tell you about me as I am a swimmer, I have treated two injuries, personal ones, in 2015 I had degenerative meniscus tear and chondromalacia patellae and in 2016 I had “swimmer’s shoulder” from the rotations. With the issue of my knee I was told but all orthopedics to have arthroscopy. I am against invasive methods and I used coMra, of course intensively and with long duration as I said before, because my leg was swollen. It took a month and a half because it was a difficult situation, but I treated it successfully!

Now, imagine in each training I swim 2.5 kilometers. Therefore, this is one aspect, that is relevant to musculosceletal conditions. I have many clients with chronic pain. Rheumatoid arthritis, other conditions, some with autoimmune diseases, I have clients with Crohn syndrome (gastroenterology) and because it works on a cellular level, its use is wide. I have clients who are athletes for example and they use it when they have an injury, so that they can return (to their activities) in half the time.

Where can we buy it from?

From my site: there is a webshop where somebody can buy it from or they could call me at 698-5551888 to book an appointment for them to see it and purchase it directly from me.

Is the cost high?

No, the cost is not high for what it offers. It is 319 Euros without VAT, but it is something we can have with us at any given point and time to have piece of mind for whatever may happen, especially when there are children who are prone to more accidents. It is non toxic, non invasive, perfectly safe and it is something that I personally believe, each one of us must have in our home.

Can I ask something else? Can you carry it with you without battery?

Sure, very good question. The battery is embedded. We charge it when it runs out, we may need to charge it every two weeks and that is why we can have it with us all the time.

Are you the representative for Greece and Cyprus?

Exactly. Radiant Life Technologies has an international team, as I told you and I am the representative for Greece and Cyprus. I feel I need to say again what I said before, that I was using coMra-Therapy and because I saw how much it benefited myself, my child and my mother, I decided to work with it professionally.

Is there relevant research on the internet or on YouTube, to prove, some scientific papers to show?

There is research on our blog. We have done research on migraine and for the knee pain, and there are of course a lot of case studies from our clients, posted on our international network, one can access them on-line and read a lot of information about that.

Nice. Let me ask a last question as well. Of course, the aspect of this non invasive method, is something that some accept and some do not.


There are some contradictory opinions. How do you deal with it? What do you consider to contradict it with an argument?

I will tell you. This is clearly a personal choice. It goes without saying that in an emergency, when we have an urgent case and one obviously needs to go to the hospital because there is an accident, that requires intervention, then somebody needs to intervene. However, for daily issues, such as pain, accidents at home and generally anything that has to do with an injury, I personally believe that there is no need to take pills, they are toxic; medication, I am against it 100%. With a completely natural way we can support our body as we have all this regenerative and therapeutic ability. For example, if we cut ourselves with a knife, our brain sends a message, blood platelets are sent there – the wound is healed.

If, for example, we break a bone we put it in a cast for it to heal straight, however, the therapeutic process is done by our bodies themselves, right? This is where we come to support.

Of course, in cases we have tumors to address a heavier condition, of cancer for example, could something like that help? Is there such kind of data?

It could help.

Possibly to the shrinkage of the tumor?

Yes, there is data. There is research done abroad both for the therapeutic abilities of the individual, energies, such as the laser, and the magnetic field, the photo-therapy. There is specific research about how each one of them, could help in these conditions.