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First impressions (of the coMra Palm) they matter


When deciding to create the coMra Palm we also had to decide how to fund it. Since we already had people using coMra-Therapy and loving it we asked them for backing through the Indiegogo crowd funding platform.

Happily I report that as a result of their response, our indiegogo campaign was a success. Yay! 🙂

I had occasion to ask some people their first impressions due to contacting them for other matters as the first arrivals of the new coMra Palm landed…

Here are a few responses….

“The 4 new Palms have arrived -- I checked the Palm, its touch is a great feeling.”

Atila Rist, Ontario Canada

-- -- --

“”Honestly I was a little skeptical about how effective the coMra-Palm would be with the 980nm infrared laser and no ultrasound, but I did a little treatment on my wrist and neck yesterday and could feel the response during treatment as well as immediate relief! I also lent it to a friend for 30 minutes to treat his neck and shoulder and he called me today and is still pain free! I also LOVE the design!! The material feels great, and it seems like it is very durable which is very exciting… And it fits in the tiny front pocket of my purse as it is smaller than my phone!! Well done!!!”

Becca Kallaus, Florida U.S.A.

-- -- --

“Well, the portables [coMra-Palm] arrived and they are..SWEET!”

Ardie Stein, Washington U.S.A.

-- -- --

“I am delighted to have received the Palms….all 6 of them are already gone…..”
“Loving the Palm.”

Gladys Maryol, Texas U.S.A.

-- -- --

“I love the coMra-Palm, really neat design!

Anastasia Gaisenok, Vancouver Canada

-- -- --

“I just got it! Love it. Amazing.”

Patricia Haman, Florida U.S.A.

-- -- --

And also some more emails….

“I Have both the original wand and the new portable. My husband and I use them daily for just about anything that is bothering us aches and pains, migraines and some chronic issues we both suffer from. We just love them both. They are so easy to use , charge and store. Although we never store them because they are in almost constant use by by one of us or on the charger being readied for the next round of applications. We travel a lot and the portable is really easy to take along, but we take them both as the wand travels easily in it’s case and then we always have a fully charged one handy. my husband was diagnosed with cancer several months ago and we used the protocols for that plus diet and lifestyle changes and his tumors were gone within six months rather than being dead as they predicted. I can’t say it was specifically the laser, but I can’t say it wasn’t. I am certain it was a major factor in his return to health. The people we deal with at Comra are the nicest, kindest folks they never hard sell you and always check in to see how you are doing. God Bless them al….The Steins”

Ardelle Stein, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“The Palm is a very well-designed and easy to use product. My only suggestion is to increase the audio volume. It is difficult to hear the signals. The Palm is very effective for joint pain relief. I am also using for other conditions but too early to report on those.”

William Hensley, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“I like the design and size for ease of use. I would like an auto off after x# of mins as sometimes after using I forget to turn it off. Also the beeping when finished sound is very soft, hard to hear at times.”

Barbara Shore, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“Yes I love the palm and use it personally and as a therapist. The palm is light and easy to use and with most clients laying flat I don’t even need to hold it at times which allows me to use it alongside my Delta Series Laser. The CoMRa Palm also allows my clients to participate in doing their treatments so they get used to using the Palm.”

Caprice Thompson, U.K.

-- -- --

“The device is easy to use and solve many of my physical problems. I recommend its purchase to all seeking relief from the pain of physical problems.”

Carl Bugaiski, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“I like the design very much. The device is easy to use. I have already recommended it to some people. My complaints have improved after only a few applications. However, I had difficulties with the English instructions, which are very detailed, but very difficult for me to understand. Instructions on paper in German would be great! This would make it easier for me to read if I want to carry out a specific treatment. It is quite cumbersome on the Internet.”

Claudia Gourmet, Germany

-- -- --

“The CoMra Palm is fantastic! The Delta is the most brilliant device; we all use it in our family, for everything from broken bones, to chest infections to migraines. But as it was delicate, we were always worried about damaging it when travelling. The Palm has solved that problem as it is so beautifully designed and easy to use. It has revolutionised my ability to support my self to healing. I travel a lot for work and now my Palm goes into my laptop bag where ever I go and if the battery runs out, I can easily charge it through the USB connection. I use it in the treatment of aches and pains, headaches and as support, with the conventional medical treatment, of my chronic thyroid condition. I have no reservations recommending the Palm and the Delta Laser, especially if your health is important to you.”

Constance Harris, Ireland

-- -- --

“The design, quality and functionality of the coMra Palm is excellent. It is very easy to use and there are clear healing results. I would certainly recommend everyone to purchase one as part of their first aid kit.”

Deirdre Cuttle, Australia

-- -- --

“I am in love with my coMra Palm! Not only does it look elegant, but it’s also very user friendly that my kids utilize it too! The size is ideal, it fits perfectly in my purse so I can bring it with me wherever I go. I highly recommend everyone to invest in a coMra Palm, as it can bring much relief if ever any pains or aches occur.”

Diana Hevia, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“White color coMra Palm -- the color gets dirty pretty fast & i have new user who wrap up the palm to protect the device with cling wrap & causing it to be less effective. Once remove, she sees the improvement pretty fast; 2. Owing to the white color device difficult maintenance, most users opt for grey. Perhaps change consider a easier to manage color? 3. Since coMra Palm is to be used in Public places, the beeping sound is designed to be soft. However for most users especially the older folks, they are struggling to hear the beep. Is it possible to adjust the beep sound to be slightly louder? 4. The Yellow button to start the treatment in some instances appear stuck & thus unable to initiate the session for treatment. Not sure if this is specific to the particular coMra Palm that we are using. Otherwise, users are quite amazed at the effectiveness of the coMra Palm for treatments & finding it very handy for use.”

Diana Hii, Malaysia

-- -- --

“Yes it is very easy to use. The only thing I would do is mention that the opening and closing sound is very soft -- I couldn’t hear the sounds at first because of extraneous sounds in the household. It is helping me manage very bad MS nerve pain in my legs. There is no cure and I am in an advanced stage, so to get relief is difficult. The cobra Palm does work better than the pain prescriptions!”

Donna Shugrue, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“yes the functionality is very good sometimes I think I am making progress especially when I get some relief and able to do more (gardening) but the more I do the more aggressive the pain gets right side only. I am in the rest phase after completing section 12 neurology 1 for the 2nd time the pain has got severe again I would like advise on how to continue”

Christopher van der Merwe, Canada

-- -- --

“I have used coMra for musculoskeletal pain, as well as deeper internal healing that requires the body to self-heal. I’ve had very positive outcomes in both areas. I hope more practitioners learn about the coMra Palm and the value it brings.”

Jeff Bova, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“Great product. Easy to use. I use it for my arthritis in knees. Thank you”

Linden Cheney, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“I use the coMra palm device for everything -- pain, aches, injuries, chronic conditions of the skin, fatigue, etc. For example, I pulled a muscle while adding a new routine to my exercises. The pain was excruciating, however, after a couple of 10 minute coMra palm sessions to the area over a couple of days, it is nearly gone. No exaggeration! This coMra palm is easy to carry, and to use while fitting nicely in my purse. I carry it with me, just in case I can share it with my family and friends, and because the sessions are so short, I am able to let others see how it can help them. Many have expressed wanting one, so I send them the nifty emails I get with experiences focused on different symptoms, and that is always appreciated. I was fortunate enough to have an earlier version of the device in 2011, but the new one is vastly improved. On one occasion the electric cord malfunctioned so I phoned the company representative who immediately sent me a new one! Nice customer service, good job well done. Thank you for saving me and helping me and my family from the consequences of illness….there are dozens more personal stories I can share….my husband has his own details to share, such as eliminating leg cramps, etc. Thank you again.”

Marilyn Rodgers, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“I would definitely recommend coMra Palm to anyone. The design and the size are perfect for everyday use, for travelling. It works magic. It is simple and easy to use with great benefits. Its a wonderful product. Thank you”

Svetlana Sanduleac, U.S.A.

-- -- --

“My coMra Palm exceeds any expectations I had. The sleek design allows ease while applying it to all affected areas. Although I continue to use the Delta, the portability and light weight of the Palm provides additional treatment options. The User Guide App is particularly useful, accessible and provides clear instructions. I am thrilled to have a drug free tool that eases joint pain.”

Shari Paziuk, Canada

-- -- --

“I do like the design etc. but I have one of the originals. I have used my Delta for everything from recovering from a heart attack, fractured sternum and hip replacements to burns, headaches, strained muscles and eczema flair-ups. I’ve also used it on my dogs for multiple ailments from serious to minor. Thank you to my team of Avril and Garrett Murrin”

Denise Shaw, Canada

-- -- --

“Excellent quality, well designed and manufactured.”

Peter Jakeman, U.K.

-- -- --

“The Palm is indeed easy to use, well designed, and great value for the price. I like to keep mine by my bedside to use just before I fall asleep for treating heart palpitations, which tend to become worse in the evenings while laying prone. Or I’ll use it on a muscle or joint giving me problems that day. This is now very easy to do with the cordless operation. As I age, the coMra Palm has become invaluable for me to continue to lead an active life, including gardening, walking/hiking, and biking. OK, now one thing I would like to see improved: there is no treatment for a general headache in the online app! When I search the keyword head, almost nothing comes up, and nothing at all for headache. The funny thing about this is that most of your marketing images seem to portray folks using the Palm for a headache -- a common condition.”

Kamori Cattadoris, U.S.A.

-- -- --

And for myself, well… I love the coMra Palm. I just would not want to be without it! I love it, it works very good too!!!! Best device for the money -- EVER!

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