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coMra Therapy For Endometriosis And Other Gynaecological Issues


Many women experience pain, bloating, nausea and constipation before their monthly period. And although PMS is often considered as a normal condition the last days of the cycle, actually all these show that there is a hormonal imbalance in the body. The levels of the reproductive hormones like estrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone etc. are different depending on the day of the cycle. The last week of the period, just before menstruation, the estrogen levels are supposed to drop down. What is the connection then between PMS, painful cramps, endometriosis etc. and the estrogen levels?

The Main Cause for Endometriosis

If you need to lie down for two-three days when your period starts because you cannot stand upright, if the pain is so severe that you need to take painkillers in order to go on with your days, if you bleed too much each month… then you might have a condition called Endometriosis. The main cause for it is the estrogen dominance. The progesterone levels are too low and the estrogen is not balanced, so it takes over. Why so many women experience estrogen dominance these days? Mainly due to the chemical pollution. The chemicals are everywhere- in food, medications, household cleaners even in drinking water. Most of the plastic containers that we all keep our food and water in, contain the so called xenoestrogens. They mimic the estrogen molecules and the body cannot eliminate the excessive amount of estrogen from the body. Estrogen dominance is the main cause for hormonal imbalances in women, thyroid issues, infertility and even breast cancer.

coMra Therapy for Gynaecological Issues

The coMra therapy is a totally non-invasive and gentle method for healing which is great for many conditions including gynaecological issues, hormonal imbalance, infertility and all kinds of pain. The harmonious work of a laser, magnets and colorful diodes induces the inner healing ability of your body without aggressive chemicals entering your bloodstream. The procedures of applying coMra treatments is very pleasant without any discomfort. You just place the device on the point where you feel pain or where the organ is projected on the skin and leave it there for several minutes. In the coMra user guide you will find many different treatment courses for various conditions.

Gynaecology section

In the Gynaecology section are all the treatments related to reproductive and gynaecological problems. However, you will need to treat also the major organs in the body if you want to address hormonal imbalances like the estrogen dominance. Universal treatments 4 and 6 are beneficial for the overall health and will restore the vitality and the organs like liver, spleen etc. Universal treatments 5 and 7 are designed to heal and support the nervous system, very suitable if you experience stress, anxiety, depression etc. While stress is the root cause for many diseases, treating the nervous system and the adrenal glands is very important for the overall health and the maintenance of hormonal balance in the body.

*If you have any questions or cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at info[at] and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.