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How coMra Therapy Can Help You Deal With Sleep Disorders or Insomnia


We all need to sleep at least several hours per night. If we lack the sleep that we need, it will affect our productivity, health and emotional state. With time, sleep disorders may lead to even worse conditions or diseases as your body and brain are not able to recover. Not to mention the mental and emotional imbalances like depression, irritability, lack of concentration, loss of memory, mood swings and many more. Due to the modern lifestyle, less physical activity, high levels of stress and too much time in front of digital screens, the good quality sleep became a luxury.

Everything is interrelated

If you are suffering from mild to severe sleep disorder or insomnia, your overall health will be compromised. Each organ in your body will be affected sooner or later starting with the brain then heart, stomach, the adrenal glands etc. The hormonal balance in your body will be destroyed which may cause thyroid issues, reproductive or other problems. The interesting thing is that the opposite is also true. If you have a thyroid gland malfunction, then your sleep will be affected, the same is valid if your blood sugar is too high or if you have heart disease. Everything in your body is interrelated and a small change in the fine balance has ripple effects on the rest of it.

Your nervous system

TWe all know that if we are stressed, then it is hard to fall asleep at night. When you are stressed, anxious or looking for a solution, the nervous system is fully activated. The adrenal glands receive the message to keep you awake, so the levels of cortisol are high. Sleep is a welcomed guest who will disappear the moment you try to control the process. Because it is not only the central nervous system that is involved but also the peripheral one. So, you need to be calm in order to fall asleep. You have to find a way to support your body and its health in a way so that a quality sleep is a natural result.

coMra therapy

If you have been looking for a way to address your sleep disorder without the usage of medications, then take a look at coMra therapy. This method is totally non-invasive and provides great results when treating various conditions. The combined power of a low frequency laser with magnets and colorful light diodes, awakens the inherited intelligence of the human body. With several pleasant and quite short treatments you can experience relief and healing with many conditions. In the coMra user guide are listed many treatment courses with all the details about the frequency you need to use and the time of applying on each point.

coMra Therapy for sleep disorders

For sleep disorders and insomnia, you can apply the coMra Universal Treatments 5 and 7 as they were designed to support the health of the nervous system. With any condition that is linked to stress or too much mental pressure, the Universal Treatment 5 will provide healing and support not only as a momentary relief but also long-term results. The coMra therapy is extremely gentle but at the same time a very powerful way to induce a healing process in your body. You will need to treat the conditions which affect the quality of your sleep as well like thyroid issues, diabetes, heart problems etc. The better your overall health gets, the better your sleep will become with time.

*If you have any questions or cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at info[at] and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.