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The coMra User Guide in Details: Universal Treatment 1 – Head


The coMra therapy is a very gentle, non-invasive and effective method to support and heal your body. The low level laser in the devices, provides the additional energy which every cell in the body needs in order to heal. Moreover, there are also magnets and light diodes which are specially modulated to provide even better results. This additional energy support is used by your body to either heal or boost your organs and systems, and to maintain the overall health.

coMra Universal Treatments Section

The Universal Treatments are special protocols designed to be useful in various situations. They can be done alongside with other more specific treatments but can be applied as a separate healing course or as a part of a prevention procedure. The protocol that is the subject of this article – Universal treatment 1 was designed to address problems with the brain functioning, the blood circulation of the head and more. The coMra therapy is not only for ill people, it is greatly beneficial for everyone who wants to improve the performance of the body while following a training program, for example, or just wants to feel better and to have more energy.

Universal treatment 1-Head, when to apply it

The Universal Treatment 1 is applied on the area of the head and is beneficial in any case when there is pain in that area either as a separate treatment or as a supportive one to another treatment from the User Guide. If you experience a headache or migraine, brain fog, dizziness or feeling like you will faint, this protocol is highly recommended for you. In the user guide you will find all the details about the points and time of treating. Additionally, it can be applied in cases of senile dementia, atherosclerosis and intracranial pressure. The treatment protocol has to be done two times per day until you feel some improvement. Then continue for 7 more days, allow 2 weeks rest and then repeat the whole course again if needed.

Which frequency to use and for how long?

You can see all the coMra therapy treatments in the User Guide which is available as a .pdf file and as a mobile application to use it on your mobile phone. There you will see the points where you have to place the coMra Palm device very clearly as it is shown on the picture above. Firstly, go through the whole treatment and pay very good attention on the frequency used for each point while following the course at home. If you want to have the best results from the therapy, it is very important to treat all the points at the recommended frequency. Each treatment has its own table with the name of the points, the frequency used and the time applied. Although the coMra therapy generally will not cause any side effects, following the instructions when treating the head or the heart, or any other zone of the body, is a must for your home experience with the laser to be of highest quality and without any risk. While the device is small enough and portable, you can apply this cold laser therapy almost everywhere if needed.

Which points will be treated?

The Universal Treatment 1 takes only 8 minutes as each point is treated for 1 minute at the frequency of 50Hz. You will treat the both sides of the temple, two points on the frontal area, the both sides of the suboccipital ( on the back of the head) and the both sides of the carotid sinuses. Please refer to the pictures in the user guide to see the exact location of each point on your body. Gently place the coMra Palm on the skin and wait for the signal which indicates that the time has finished before changing the point. If you decide and feel the need for it, you can slightly increase the time on each point. The local treatment for a longer period is used when you feel pain a certain area, for example, the forehead or the back side of the head. In that case, you can place the device several times per day on the point and then move on to the whole treatment protocol.

coMra Therapy and lifestyle changes

For even better results with the cold laser therapy, it is highly recommended that you combine the coMra treatments with other positive changes in your lifestyle, diet and mindset. The laser will awaken the natural ability of your body to heal and to recover, so you want to support this process with your actions in every possible way. Spending time in nature, doing moderate exercises and any other healthy habits will increase the ability of your organism to heal and maintain good health.

For more details, you can check also our free e-book on Universal Treatments HERE.

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