coMra therapy Blog

My Verses on coMra


These verses I share summarise simply the principles of coMra, as well as reflecting some of my experiences and of others who have been using this way of treating for years. I hope you will enjoy what it means having coMra with me in my life.



They share their acute or long-term suffering,

Where treating wounds, bones or pain comes with no new approach,

They know … the old way of suppression is just covering,

What is really going on, and that lingering pain forces them to a new coach.


Believing in my body’s intelligence to resolve deficiency,

I go for healing instead of begging,

I choose to feel safe and aim for self sufficiency,

I welcome each day without aching.


To search for connecting, rather than separation,

Urgent timing there for you, being your drive,

coMra in pocket, help at hand is worth your attention ,

A wise fool makes this way of self treatment part of his life.


Wounds, a bone healing, this pain relief therapy embodies,

Be in charge, trust yourSelves and trust your bodies.




You’ve made your plans for “living” in busy days,

When sudden disease wakes you up from fooling,

Surprised and thinking to submit to common treating ways,

In a realm of victims you find yourself with fear ruling.

Then something in you takes courage to decide,

To experience the synergy of natural energies support,

Allowing cooperating with coMra by bonding inside,

And healing effects are results of this rapport.


Enlightened by the coMra method variety,

That gently provokes the cells to fight,

Offering peace of mind, joy and sobriety,

Perhaps the real cause is brought to the light.

One sits with interim pain, feeling like an unneeded book on a shelf,

But…stay in charge, keep going, trust your body, and trust yourSelf.