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How to heal and stay healthy webinars

We see a huge need for understanding our own health — how to heal and stay healthy. Not only in terms of the tools one can apply. But also in terms of what is the dis-ease, how it appears, what are the underlying causes and how to stay healthy.

We consider coMra to be an ideal tool for both healing and staying healthy, besides some other things related to the lifestyle and mindset. However, we would provide in those webinar series some tools, that can be applied by every person, to understand his or her own health, to understand and work with disease, to find suitable tools and solutions, or necessary corrective actions, based on that understanding. This series of educational webinars targeted not only at coMra professionals and coMra users but also all those people, who want to understand how to heal and stay healthy under various circumstances.

How to heal and stay healthy webinar series

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Webinar 1. Part 1 — 07th April 2020 — Evolving self-sufficiency with coMra therapy.

Evolving self-sufficiency. Telemedicine with coMra therapy.

When I look around what’s happening, if I open… sometimes I open my notebook and look at the news – it looks like there is a whole bunch of things happening right now. So what is the nature of the current global crisis? I mean if we talk about not the waves, the ripples on the water, but what’s the undercurrent, why this all happening? And when thinking about it, now we see that is actually a crisis of self-sufficiency.

If we think about the coronavirus disease, we think about why people get infected, and then they get pneumonia and it transitions to a severe stage and possibly critical stage. That’s because our immune system is not self-sufficient. We talking about self-sufficiency as individuals, as families. Because we sit at home, and now we’re running out of food, for example. We talking about self-sufficiency as whole regions and as the whole countries actually, when the airplanes are not flying. The trains are not moving goods around. So it’s actually a crisis of self-sufficiency. When individually and as a whole, we have enough resources to sustain ourselves.

Webinar 2. 14th April 2020 — Boost immunity with coMra therapy.

Webinar: Boost immunity with coMra therapy

When we think about it, actually, each one of us carries the most powerful, the most advanced Research and Development department, if I may call it this way. The immune system has evolved on this planet for millions of years. And it evolved so that it can actually deal and get rid of all kinds of unwelcome guests inside us, inside our body.

Actually, it is so powerful, that it can recognise a new pathogen, like for example a new virus. Within days, and then come up with means to target this new virus and then clear it out. And again, for comparison, it takes months, sometimes years for our scientists, for our researchers to come up with artificial means to tackle the virus. And so far, again to put it into perspective, there are almost 200 different viruses out there. And more or less 10 out of those 200 we manage to have some kind of medication. So it means that our immune system has to deal with the rest.

Webinar 3. 21st April 2020 — Healing Journey: physical and beyond

Healing Journey: physical and beyond

It takes us into the places beyond, we start from a certain point then move on. So what we gonna do, we gonna go through this coMra journey. And we gonna use some real-life examples. And this is all about self-sufficiency.

And the other thing I want you to take away, this is really a chance for you to catch yourself doing something right. What I mean by that is we all doing things right in our lives.

But sometimes we get them right and not sure how we get them right. But when we catch ourselves doing something right we are in a much better position to be able to do that with more purpose, more consciousness, more deliberately.

So instead of “Hah, I want to know how I’ve got that right” — “Oh, I know how I’ve got the right, let me do that again because that really works for me” So this is what we mean by self-sufficiency.

Webinar 4. 28th of April 2020 — Q&A about coMra Therapy

Q&A about coMra therapy. Core presentation.

Yes, we decided today to take a simple approach. Light approach, not simplistic, but light. And this is so because actually, coMra therapy is all about getting to know yourself, getting to know your own body, learn how to work with it. And Delta, Palm device, coMra therapy, is actually a tool to help you in that process.

In essence when we study how to treat, what to treat. How to use coMra devices, and then we train other people. How to use it for themselves. Yes, this is a process of getting
to know your own body. And this process is actually very simple. We try something new, I am talking about coMra treatment. We see how it works, and then we change and repeat. So it’s really a process of discovery, it’s really a gradual process. And there is really not many mistakes. Not much mistakes you can do actually in this process. So it is very simple, very self-sufficient process actually.

In the next 20-30 minutes, I will cover the basics. So that we are sort of starting from the same page. And then, when questions will arise, we can come back to some of the slides.

Webinar 5. 5th of May 2020 — Tackling fear with coMra therapy

Using coMra therapy in critical conditions

We can get accustomed to using coMra therapy in our day to day, taking care, managing long-term issues. But there’s also application of coMra in really critical conditions, that a lot of people aren’t aware of.

What we may know already, it very common to use coMra therapy for pain relief. For all kinds of prevention therapies, long-term conditions and well-being. Some of the people may know, some may not know that in critical situations when you are in an intensive care unit. When you are dealing with doctors, hospitals and everything like this, you can also apply coMra therapy very successfully. And it can become a life-saving tool.

Strokes, severe infections, critical trauma, injury and organ failure. What I learned in such situations is that we always can choose our journey. And it is important. Because we all have encountered, let’s say the hospital environment, sometimes it may be a Journey that is not very pleasant and is not very empowering. So it is up to us how we approach this.