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Solution For Health Conditions Linked To Chronic Fatigue (Part 1)

Many people are in transition periods just before a disease or after healing a health condition. There could be no particular symptoms or blood test results to show what is actually going on in the body. However, fine changes in the hormonal balance, enzymes levels, oxidising processes, the immune and emotional integrity could cause short periods of fatigue. These moments come and go without a particular reason such as physical or mental exhaustion. Only if you feel exhausted for months without any improvement, then it might be chronic fatigue.

Healing crisis

When you start the healing process there is always a transition period when the symptoms could become even more severe and then the improvement occurs. Even when you apply coMra therapy, a healing crisis can occur although coMra is a totally safe and non-invasive method. With coMra therapy there are not any negative side effects on your health but sometimes your body will need to turn the volume up for a while. This is a good sign which means that you have started the healing process. There is a change in the pattern which caused the condition in the first place. However, chronic fatigue could be a sign that more serious diseases take place unnoticed. So, observe yourself if you experience weakness for a prolonged period of time with muscle pain, shortness of breath, sleeplessness etc.

Fatigue with weight loss

If this occurs very rarely as a result of fasting, detoxifying program or after stressful period, then it is just your body adjusting. The flushing of toxins out of the body could cause headaches, fatigue and even nausea. However, these symptoms will disappear very quickly and everything will soon be in the normal ranges. On the other hand, if your chronic fatigue lasts for months then it could be a sign for endocrine imbalance or digestive issues due to problems with the intestines, liver or stomach. It could be a result of an autoimmune condition, parasites, prolonged inflammation or even tumours. Start applying the coMra Universal treatments protocols to support your body before the exact diagnosis. Then find your condition in the coMra User Guide and follow the instructions of the particular treatment for your specific condition.

Pale skin, low blood pressure and chronic fatigue

This could be a sign that you have anemia and the causes of it are often very complex combining physical and emotional reasons. In the article about the mindset behind anemia you can find more information on the possible thoughts or emotions linked to your condition. Low blood pressure also shows that your emotional balance is disturbed and your body suffers. Start applying coMra treatment protocols designed for anemia and low blood pressure like Universal treatment 3- Blood from the coMra User Guide.

Thirst and too much urinating

In that case you need to observe and test your blood sugar levels as this could be a sign for pre-diabetic condition, insulin resistance or diabetes. Another possible reason could be kidney problems. In the coMra User Guide there are specific treatment protocols both for diabetes and kidney issues.

Why coMra?

The coMra therapy is a gentle but very effective method to support and enhance the healing process linked to any condition. You can apply it in case of chronic fatigue too. The natural healing abilities of the body are induced and awakened helping it to restore its primal balance and health. When treating almost every condition with coMra, the positive changes could be observed shortly. The healing will not happen overnight but with small steps of improvement and in a couple of weeks you will notice great results. Most of the treatment protocols are to be applied until you feel improvement of your condition or just for two weeks, then take some rest and repeat as it is explained in the coMra User Guide.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.


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