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Coping With Anxiety By Following These Steps


As more and more people suffer from different forms of anxiety, the understanding of it becomes even more vital. It resembles fear and comes with hours of being worried but it looks like there is no actual reason for it. So, what would help you coping with anxiety at the moment when it happens to you? Are there any easy steps to follow in order to get instant relief but also to eliminate the cause of it?


Coping with anxiety should start with observation of your thoughts, emotions and physical condition presented at the moment when you feel anxious. Everything is connected in a very complicated way and one things leads to another but you need to understand what triggers your anxiety attacks. At those moments, your body operates as if there is a great danger – the muscles are mobilized, your breathing is shallow, your mind is alarmed to search for the exit of the situation and more brain zones are activated. But the danger is an illusion, it starts in your mind, in your perception. So, which are the thoughts and emotions which together would lead you to the overwhelming feeling that you call anxiety? Ask yourself the questions which will show your the roots of this condition.


First of all, start breathing deeply and slowly as the quick and shallow breathing will rewire the stress reactions in your body over and over again. If you are able to concentrate only on your breathing and to follow your breath as it enters and leaves your body. The focus of your thinking will change and in the best scenario, you could even stop thinking about your problems which caused the worrying in the first place. The most important step when coping with anxiety attack is to breathe as calmly as possible in order to send some signals to your brain to relax.

Just do it

The next step in coping with anxiety, is to get involved into some sort of an action, a physical action which engages your body like dancing, cooking, singing, painting, writing, walking, exercising etc. Anything would work as soon as you start doing it at the very moment when you feel that the anxiety attack begins. Don’t wait even for a minute and even more important, try not to analyze it. As anxiety starts with a thinking pattern which engages the emotions, it is a very good idea to move your body and to change your focus from the mind into the physical. Doing something with your hands will help you dissolve the negative thoughts and would awaken your creative side which is a totally different state of being.

Heal Your Gut

Now, if you have anxiety moments very often, you need to heal your body as this high level of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline could destroy your organs and the hormonal balance. There is a second brain in your gut and it is very important what types of bacteria are living there. Firstly, your need to cut all the sugar, alcohol, caffeine, medications and junk food from your diet as all of them are directly connected to anxiety. Secondly, your need to heal your organs and your systems as they need to operate well in order to maintain the healthy condition of the organism. There is a very gentle way to support your body with a non-invasive and safe method called coMra therapy which you could apply at home. The laser, together with magnets and light diodes is healing each cell, organ and system in your body providing the needed energy and information. It is recommended to do some treatment courses for your circulatory system, heart, abdominal area, liver etc. All the details about the treatments could be found in the coMra user guide.


You need a rich in nutrients diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and probably some supplements in the beginning in order to accelerate the coping with anxiety. Magnesium is the mineral which you could take immediately and continue to take daily until you feel better. Selenium, zinc and omega 3 acids could be very beneficial too. You can also try to include melatonin in the evening and some herb infusions like melissa, valeriana, lavender and mint. The essential oils have proven to have an immediate effect to your brain too and are very suitable for any forms of anxiety, so make sure that your have handy some of them like lemon, lavender, sage, frankincense, cedar etc. They smell amazing and will make you feel better.