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Deep Tissue Massage As Part of Training Programs


The massage therapy is an important part of the routine of everyone who is regularly practicing bodybuilding or fitness. It has many benefits for the muscles and for the general condition of the body. The deep tissue massage reduces the recovery time and the muscle tightness as at the same time it increases the range motion and the flexibility. It is highly recommended before competitions as it helps the definition of each particular muscle group.

Muscles healing

The deep tissue massage increases the blood circulation and helps the fluids to run through the blood vessels more effectively, providing all that is needed for the muscle to recover after a hard training or injury. As the recovery time is reduced, you could train more and have a proper muscle growing without the side effect that may cause pain and the need to rest. This massage has healing effect on the whole body helping the detoxification and the micro-circulation within the muscle tissue. If you combine it with the coMra Universal treatment 3 – Blood, your whole body blood circulation will be improved and will make the massage even more beneficial.

Better flexibility

The range motion is highly increased when the deep tissue massage is done often as the flexibility could be something quite tricky for any bodybuilder. The therapist will help you with the stretching in a way that your own weight is not used. You just relax and breathe during the massage and you get properly stretched. It reduces the tightness of the muscles that could be painful and could prevent the grow which is the ultimate goal when practicing bodybuilding.

Defined muscles

If you want to have a well-defined bodybuilder physique, the circulation of the blood is very important and the tight muscles are simply not able to store enough blood. Using the pumping technique which moves the lymph around, the muscles are toned due to the improved fluid circulation in your body. The tension is easily released and the result is a beautiful and a well-built body with good mobility.

Injury recovery

Sometimes due to overtraining, a poor diet or just wrong exercises, sport injuries occur and it takes precious time to just wait for the body to recover and get well again. The deep tissue massage will reduce this time for you. A professional therapist will examine your muscles and could identify tight and scar muscles which will prevent the future injury. That is a major reason for most of the professional bodybuilders to have this type of massage done regularly in order to prevent and heal sport traumas.


When regularly done, the deep tissue massage will have a good psychological effect and is recommended before each event or competition. When the bodybuilder is in good condition and mood, it shows and a strong and motivated mind is as much important as the physical characteristics. The massage will increase your confidence and will heal the stress that might be kept in your body and mind during the training process. This will improve your performance and help you reach and show your full potential.

Inner cleanse

The deep tissues massage will help you to get rid of the waste products from the muscles such as the lactic acid, will increase the elasticity of the muscles and will define them. With special movements, the toxins accumulated during the training process will be taken out of the tissues and the body and thus helping you feel more energy and power.

The hard training and injuries could stand in your way to develop the shape that you want and this type of massage will reduce a great deal of this negative side effect from your dedicated work in the gym. If you want to have a proportional and symmetrical physique with well-defined muscles, the proper care is needed especially if you plan to take it on a professional level and do competitions. The professional bodybuilders often share that the deep tissue massage is an important part of their training program especially before an event and when they need quick results with minimum risk of injury.

The deep tissue massage is a great way to obtain the flexibility that is needed for the muscles to work properly and to look well. Applied together with regular coMra treatments, will result in faster body conditioning and better health. As both methods are healing your body on a deeper level, it will allow you to continue with the training for a longer period of time and to keep the good shape for years.