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Depression And Anxiety Start In The Gut


How the emotional and mental conditions like anxiety and depression are linked to the gut? Where most of the hormones of happiness are produced and why you cannot feel good if you have abdominal pain or inflammation? How to heal your gut in order to deal with symptoms like depression, irritability, emotional eating etc.?

Millions of nerve cells could be found in the gut where they form the enteric nervous system, they are controlling the whole digestive system sending signals to the brain about what happens in the gut in every moment. Although, this second brain does not “think”, it controls a very big part of our life – eating and digesting the food. Moreover, this is the place where emotions are born and our behaviour is very much a reflection of the gut health. The gut and the brain have their own communication system, so your thoughts could be indirectly linked to the condition of your gut, to the processes, problems and the hormones produced there.

Serotonin and oxytocin

These hormones are known as the happiness hormones as they are making us feel good, inspired to act, connected to the people around us, emotionally balanced and full of energy. A good quantity of these hormones is produced by the nervous cells of the gut. So, if you suffer from slow metabolism, leaky guts, bloating, colitis and all the other digestive system disorders, the happy hormones production will be corrupted. This will affect your emotional state directly because instead of feeling relaxed and motivated, you will feel tired, irritated and nervous.


The high levels of cortisol are a result of stress and it doesn’t matter if the stress is mental or physical, when your gut receives the signal from the brain that there is a danger, the adrenaline and cortisol levels increase very quickly. If the stress is constant, the cortisol levels never go down, the gut is alarmed all the time, blockages are starting to appear as the abdominal muscles are contracted and some parts of the digestive system might not work properly. The constant stress is linked to inflammatory processes which if are located in the gut might lead to slow metabolism, poor absorption of nutrients, bloating and other painful conditions. When the serotonin and oxytocin levels drop and stay very low for a long period of time, you will feel low and stressed,  anxiety, irritability, sleeping disorders or depression are the next stages.

Magnesium and sugar

The sugar is linked to a lot of diseases, it destroys the health in many ways starting with the blood sugar levels, the pancreas and the adrenal glands. When you eat sugar, your body uses the magnesium trying to digest it in the less harmful way. The magnesium deficiency will cause cramps, mood swings, stiff joints and will result in cravings for something sweet. For example, women often crave sweets like chocolate several days before their menstrual cycle. The body actually needs magnesium in order to deal with the menstrual cramps.

So, the more sugar you eat, the less magnesium will stay in the body and the more sugar cravings you will have and all of this will go on in circles. On the other hand, the absorption of the magnesium from foods like nuts and beans could be corrupted due to the problems with the digestions and the overgrowth of the bad bacteria in the gut. So, the consumption of sugar on daily basis might turn into depression, anxiety and behavior problems depending on how healthy your gut is.

Breath and relax

The diet change is a major step in the returning of the balance in the gut, however you will need more than this in order to be able to relax your abdominal muscles, to heal your gut and to recover from the inflammations. Wearing this belt at night is a good way to start the healing process and to support your microbiome will all the good bacteria living in the intestines. The breathing exercises are also relaxing the gut brain affecting it in a very positive way, helping you to decrease the cortisol levels. Almost all of the results of constant stress on your body could be healed with the coMra therapy.  It is a very gentle and non-invasive way to awaken the inner healing abilities of your own body.Once you heal your gut and digestive system, the depression, anxiety, irritability and nervous breakdowns will start disappearing too.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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