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Depression Treatment And Which Are The Key Triggers


The symptoms of the depression are the feeling of grief, lost of interest in activities that you used to like before, slow thinking, talking and movement, hurtful thoughts, no motivation, sadness and often it comes with anxiety. According to many people, depression is a result of a great emotional pain or loss and suppressed anger. Usually, this could cause it but in other cases, the reasons could hide also in the physical – depletion of minerals, viruses, diseases and toxins.


The most obvious trigger is the emotional pain which has occurred after a traumatic experience. However, different people may react in various ways to one and the same situation, so the emotional pain is mostly in the perception of the current conditions. The different reactions are as a consequence of the personal background, character, personality and even the brain chemistry. But most important is how you will experience and react to the loss in your personal or work life. The appropriate depression treatment depends very much on the causes of the condition, so the first step is to observe and find its roots in your perception. Search for feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness and despair following certain situations in your life.

Physical reactions

The emotional pain or grief trigger a hormonal cocktail which is very harmful for the heart, the brain, the adrenal glands, the stomach and other organs. Your body will experience all the emotions and pain in different parts of it may occur out of the blue. As depression is linked to eating and sleeping disorders, it is no surprise that your physical body will soon start carrying the burden of your emotions. On the top of that, if your diet is poor of nutrients or you are exposed to toxic environment, the roots of various diseases are already there. Some viruses and bacteria which affect the microbiology of the body or which attack a certain organ, can also become triggers of depression. Very often depression treatment includes medications which are very aggressive and even if they soothe the symptoms of your current condition, may cause depression in long terms are they destroy some organs like the liver, the kidneys etc.

Treatment course

The depression treatment should be done step by step with persistence and with great awareness. Your organs and systems will need healing as they were greatly affected by your emotional state. A very good and non-invasive option is coMra therapy. Unlike the chemical medications, coMra therapy will not harm your organs in any way but will only induce the healing process in your cells in a natural way. The laser with the magnets and the lights, will provide the needed energy for your body to heal and recover. The coMra therapy is highly effective beneficial for many kinds of conditions and depression is one of them. All the treatments are well described in the coMra user guide and the courses are very easy to follow. You can apply coMra therapy on your own at home.


On the other hand, parallel to coMra therapy you will slowly need to unwind your emotional state and to find things in life that bring you joy. Then you can change your diet and lifestyle making sure that you eat enough nutrients and do regular exercising. Some supplements like magnesium, chrome, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids have also positive impact in cases of depression. However, the main work is to heal your emotions and your perception and to support your body in restoring the balance.