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New Depression Treatment Available


What depression means and why it occurs? What are the physical causes of depression and how it manifests in the body? How to overcome the first signs of depression and to cope creatively with the negative emotions without using medications?

Depression is the condition of emotional weakness combined with the physical fatigue which occurs due to the inner inability to cope with emotional and mental stress. The causes and effects are very complex and may take various forms but it is easily described as powerlessness and as if there is no motivation for any activity from work performance to personal life and hobbies. If a person is living in a stressful environment for a long period of time and cannot take properly all the challenges that occur, they might start feeling overwhelmed and wiped out, which in many cases leads to depression in a mild or severe form. Physically, this means that the body is not producing enough of the “feel-good” hormones serotonin and dopamine. This takes us to the “gut brain” or the gut microbiome where most of these hormones are produced.

Balance, exercise and take small steps

If you recognize yourself in the picture above, you might need to reorganize all your duties and tasks into small steps and take them one by one. It is vital also to find the balance between activity and relaxation if you want to keep your inner balance too. The regular exercises or walks in the nature are very important for the body to be toned, for the “feel-good” hormones to be produced which will regulate the gut microbiome and will lead to a pleasant emotional state.

The Counterclockwise method

Another way to support our “gut brain” to produce more happy hormones is to sit down, close the eyes and put your palm on the solar plexus. From there start doing slow big circles with your hand around the whole abdominal area counterclockwise for several minutes. Try to relax and imagine that your body and mind are calm and peaceful. When we are relaxed and there are no contractions in the guts, more of the serotonin hormone is produced and we feel better.

Cutting off the sugar

It is very important to keep the balance between the “good” and the “bad” bacteria in our gut microbiome as then the “gut brain” will work properly and our hormones will be in balance too. The sugar is a substance that feeds the “bad” bacteria and in big amounts it injures the body in many ways. So, if you feel that you are weak and depressed, emotionally tired and exhausted just resist the temptation to get a kick off from sugar and try to eat more fruits, vegetables, grains and good fats (as in avocado, fish, olive oil etc.). They will give you energy for a longer period and are good for your gut.

Life-supporting technology and the solar plexus

The solar plexus is a major point in our body as it is the connection between the upper and lower part, controlling the substances and the energy flowing every second. When we are stressed and depressed, usually this area is felt tense and contracted. This is like a blockage for the normal functioning of the whole body. There is a very simple coMra Palm treatment that could be done every day for only 11 minutes. Just choose the 5Hz option and place the device on the solar plexus for 11 minutes. Try to be in a relaxed and calm state of mind, thinking about inner balance and happiness. In less that a week time you will feel how the gut area is more balanced which will automatically make you feel better.

If you feel overwhelmed and the negative emotions and thoughts are leading you to depression and chronical fatigue, maybe you need to stop for a while and find the reason for all this stress. When you know the reason, you can figure out a way to deal with all the tasks and challenges of your daily life in a creative way with a thought about your inner balance. The stress is causing physical effects in the “gut brain” and then we feel less and less productive and more upset. So, in case of depression we need to take care of our gut microbiome in a responsible way as when our body feel great, we would feel great too.

Whatever possibility we choose the important thing is to act now. After every action taken we receive a feedback – guidance from life for the next step.