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How to Detox and Heal Your Liver


The liver is the organ that protects the body from the toxins coming from the outside or produced by the metabolism. It also takes part in the decomposition of the old blood cells, the breaking down of the alcohol and medications, the procession of the nutrients etc. The liver is the place where some minerals are stored and it produces certain proteins that are essential for the normal functioning of the whole organism.

When the liver is not working properly due to alcohol or drug abuse, malnutrition or exposure to toxins, some symptoms may occur like over-sweating, chronic fatigue, bloating, anxiety, high blood pressure, weight gain and more. It is very important for your health to take care of the liver, to detox and support it regularly if you want to feel healthy and strong.

Foods for liver regeneration

  • No fatty meat like pork or lamb. Chicken and beef are okay
  • No fatty fish like tuna or salmon. Other types of fish are okay
  • All visible fat should be trimmed off meat before cooking
  • Eat plenty of GREEN vegetables. Eat red and orange vegetables in moderation
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit
  • No cream or butter
  • No oily salad dressings
  • Avoid using too much oil or fat for cooking
  • No chocolates
  • Low-fat Yogurt is allowed
  • Low-fat Ice-cream is allowed
  • Cakes and pastries, provided they have no cream, are allowed
  • Biscuits are allowed
  • No coffee!
  • No alcohol!

Once the liver condition has cleared up completely, then gradually one can go back to eating normally. But this must be checked by a medical doctor to ensure that the condition has cleared up before doing so.

However, coffee is especially harsh on the liver, and therefore if you had a liver condition you should abstain from coffee for at least 12 months after it has cleared up. The reason for this is that liver needs time to restore itself fully. The same goes for alcohol, although one can have 1 or 2 glasses of wine with dinner after the condition has cleared up, but should avoid heavy drinking and hardtack for at least 12 months after.

How to detox liver

In order to detox the liver, you need to eliminate as much toxins as possible from your diet and your environment. The processed foods, refined sugar, dairy products, alcohol, drugs, medications etc. are very dangerous for the body and it is on the liver to deal with the ingredients entering your blood with them. So all the junk food has to go away. You need to cleanse your surrounding environment too and to reduce the usage of toxins in your house and the exposure to polluted air.

Emotional Balance helps to heal your liver

Another thing is the emotions and your state of being as the stress is affecting the liver together with the anger, resentment and frustration. The liver is compensating for the emotions as when the hormonal balance is changed, all the excessive hormones, proteins and other waste products have to be removed from the bloodstream. So detox your emotions if you want to take care of your liver.

How to heal liver

The coMra therapy has shown good results with liver diseases and hepatitis as well as supporting the liver and to prevent future problems. With the coMra Palm you can heal, detox and regenerate the liver in a very gentle and non-invasive way.

The coMra therapy is a method that is very easy to apply at home on your own. Low level (LLLT) infrared laser working together with magnets, colour LED lights and ultrasound is a very effective and non-invasive approach. It induces the natural healing process in any cell of the body and is beneficial for damaged nerves too. In addition to that, it will improve the communication in the cell and between the cells, together with the hormonal balance and metabolism.

All the details about the treatment are in the user guide and it is very easy to be done. You will see the scheme about the frequency,  the time and the point on the body that needs to be treated. The picture of the human body gives a better view on exactly where to apply the laser.

You can use the coMra Palm as a pain relief too, to support the liver and to prevent the medical conditions. The laser will awake the body’s inner ability to heal and will regenerate the tissues of the inner organs.

It is concluded that LLLT following acute hepatectomy most probably stimulates a significant enhancement of liver regeneration conducive to both the formation of new hepatocytes and MSCs and angiogenesis in the regenerating liver.

Rich Diet

The rich in nutrients diet will help your liver and your body to detox and recover, so you will need to have more raw, fresh whole foods like fruits and vegetables. The potassium is the mineral that will help your liver, so make sure that you eat enough sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beans, beet roots, bananas, spinach, leafy greens. The fresh vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cabbage, ginger will also detox your body and will supply it with vitamins and minerals.

Herbs Supplements

Some herbs like the dandelion and the milk thistle are great supplements for the liver together with the turmeric. They will eliminate the heavy metals from the cells and will support the functions of the liver and the other organs. The combination of these supplement has shown good results especially if you combine them with the laser coMra therapy for the best performance of your liver.