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Diabetes Prevention and What Causes Insulin Resistance


The main fuel in the body is glucose – a type of sugar which is used by all your cells for the energy they need in order to function, heal, grow and reproduce. Glucose is the main source for the physical body to maintain its healthy state. The central nervous system and all the other organs use the glucose. It is also needed for the muscles to be built but also if some cells have to be healed and replaced by new ones.

When the body digests the food, it turns it into glucose in order to be used as an energy source by the cells. But the cells do not have direct access to the glucose in the blood. At this point, the pancreas, which is a major gland, is activated. As soon as high levels of glucose are detected, the pancreas produces insulin. The insulin attaches to the cells giving them the signal to open up and receive the glucose. So, the insulin has two main functions in the body, it allows the cells to use the glucose and to maintain stable levels of blood sugar.

If you, for example, have eaten a very rich in fats and sugar meal, the levels of glucose in your blood would get really high in a short period of time. In that case, the insulin will give a signal to the liver to store the excess sugar. Later on, the stored glucose will be released, when you are hungry or if you exercise, your body will use it. But if the pancreas is not able to produce all the needed insulin, the things could get messy. If at some point, your cells “refuse” to open up and use the glucose, then you have insulin resistance. From that point, it is not far diabetes type 2 to be developed as the normal functioning of the body has been destroyed and the processes could not go smoothly.


When the levels of the glucose are high all the time and the body is trying to get rid of it but this fails, then you have the diabetes type 2 condition. The diabetes prevention is vital for everyone who has insulin resistance or prediabetic condition as so far millions of people are at risk. The main problem in that case is stress because the production of adrenaline and insulin at the same time makes your cells to close up. If you tend to experience a lot of negative emotions in your life and to cover them up with eating sweet and fatty foods, you are in trouble. At one point, your pancreas will become so weak that it will not produce enough insulin in order to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

The solution

Less stress and not to combine fatty foods with sugar and to eat mostly foods with low glycemic index. Your body cannot digest properly the sugar in your food if you eat a lot of fat. Another option is to cut off all the sugar from your diet for several months, until all the inflammations are healed. You also need to cure your major organs like the pancreas, the stomach and the liver as they all suffer from conditions like insulin resistance, prediabetic state, hypoglycemia and spikes of the blood sugar.

Diet changes

You can use coMra therapy as a method to heal your body and your organs in a very gentle but highly efficient way. The harmonious work of the laser, magnets and lights induces the natural healing in your cells. In the coMra user guide you will find the diabetes treatments course in the Endocrinology section but we recommend to apply also the Universal Treatment 3 – Blood in order to support the work of the cardiovascular system. The usage of the device is easy and very gentle, you will soon start feeling the improvement. It will be better if you make the needed changes in your lifestyle and watch over your emotional state. Although it is non-invasive, coMra therapy has shown excellent results in cases like diabetes, insulin resistance and many more.


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