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Diabetes – Natural Ways to Reverse It


Millions of people suffer from diabetes which is a very serious condition but it could be reversed and cured if you embrace a holistic approach to it and make some changes in your life. There are two types of diabetes and both lead to high blood sugar levels which is dangerous for the normal functioning of the body. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that occurs at young age and as a result of it, the pancreas cannot produce insulin. This disease is hard to be reversed but you can control the symptoms and get some relief. Type 2 is a condition following insulin resistance and it usually happens later on in life. In that case, the insulin is produced and released but the cells do not respond properly to it which is a condition called insulin resistance.

Type 2 Diabetes

As Type 2 diabetes is a result of the lifestyle, diet, mindset and stress, it could be successfully healed. The best approach is a prevention or to start when you are prediabetic. High levels of stress, poor diet and excess weight are among the causes for diabetes, so you need to focus on that for a start. If untreated insulin resistance is could quite challenging for the body to handle and is often linked to high blood pressure, liver inflammation, increased abdominal fat, constipation, neurological damage and many others. You can exclude gluten and casein from your diet to reduce inflammation, you can avoid sugar and take some supplements too. However, there is a another very powerful way to help your body healing diabetes and insulin resistance.

coMra Therapy

You can support the inner healing abilities of your cells in a very gentle and natural way with coMra therapy. This method will provide the needed energy for each cell, organ and system in your body for their regeneration and rejuvenation. The lasers are well-known these days with their potential to heal various diseases and conditions. So, with coMra Palm you have a small cold laser, magnets and colorful light diodes on your side fighting the disease. The device is small, portable and very easy to use. All the details you need to know before applying coMra therapy are in the coMra user guide. However, while there are no side effects from the therapy, you can easily create your own treatment course or just treat the places where you feel pain. It will reduce the stress response in the body and is used to treat depression and anxiety, which could be very beneficial if you have diabetes.

Complimentary supplements and diet

The coMra therapy is a non-invasive method to heal and restore health in your body. It has shown great results with insulin resistance, diabetes, heart diseases, nerve damage and many more. The best way would be to apply coMra therapy together with diet changes, supplements therapy and moderate activity as everything is connected. Exercising is very important for the cardiovascular system which could be supported with coMra Universal Treatment 3 – Blood as well. The recommended supplements for diabetes are chromium, alfa-lipoic acid, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids and clean proteins or collagen. You need to avoid sugar, grains, dairy products, alcohol, hydrogenated fats and genetically modified foods are all of them trigger inflammation in the body. Spending more time in nature, eating clean food, taking care of your well-being and managing emotional stress together with coMra therapy will have huge and positive impact on your health.