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Ear Infections – Natural Ways to Deal With Them


Ear infections are painful conditions usually caused by a virus or food sensitivities. Children are affected very often and an ear infection could occur as a result of a long treated cold or flu. The condition is extremely uncomfortable and the inflammation is stubborn. It could last for several days and can even lead to more serious conditions because it is located close to the brain. You need to treat the infection as soon as possible to avoid the eventual consequences.

Healing and pain relief with coMra

A very natural and effective way to deal with the pain caused by the ear infection is coMra therapy. With coMra therapy you can treat yourself or your children, it is completely safe and gentle. You can use it whenever you need some relief from the pain. The method is non-invasive and has no negative side effects. The low frequency laser together with the magnets and the colorful diodes will induce and awake the natural abilities of the body to heal itself. It will help with reducing the inflammation and managing the infection naturally. You can treat the area around the ears with 50Hz for several minutes daily and as many times per day as needed. While this is a holistic approach to health, coMra treatments go well with all the other natural remedies listed below.

Garlic oil

Garlic and garlic oil have antiviral properties and are very beneficial in case of ear infection. You can dilute several drops in base oil like olive or coconut oil, then use a piece of cotton pad and place it gently in the ear. With the same effect you can use a piece of garlic and place it in the ear for an hour.

Tea tree oil

Another oil that could be helpful in these cases is tea tree oil. Instead of putting it inside the ear , you can gently rub it around the ear. It has strong antiseptic properties and will also be useful when fighting virus infections. You will need to use pure tea tree oil without any chemical additives and to test it with a drop for sensitivity. Always use essential oils diluted in base oil when treating children.

Chiropractic treatment

Another way to deal with ear infections is to visit a chiropractic practitioner usually it has very good results and increases the blood supply in the area of the head and neck. Some slow neck exercises can also be beneficial especially if you suffer from recurring ear infections. Try not to sleep on the affected ear and avoid uncomfortable sleeping positions which put some extra pressure on the neck.

Food intolerances and allergies

Very often children who have some hidden food intolerances or allergies may suffer from recurring ear infections. You might want to test yourself or the child for sensitivities to food groups like nuts, citruses, dairy, gluten, eggs etc. When there is an allergy, the immune system is constantly triggered and it is very difficult to reduce the inflammatory processes occurring in different parts of the body. Try to avoid the allergens and the trigger food groups especially if you observe the connection between the food intolerances and the ear infections.