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Effective Thyroid Hypofunction Treatment You Didn’t Know About


When the thyroid, this little gland in your throat, is not working as it should, you will experience mild to severe symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, hair loss and increased heart beat. It is well known that women are more prone to develop thyroid issues especially after a certain age or after a pregnancy. The most common problem with conventional approaches to thyroid hypofunction is that doctors are prescribing a synthetic hormone that you need to take for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there is another effective treatment which you probably didn’t know about. 

What causes thyroid hypofunction?

This is an interesting question while the condition is quite complex and the cause combines several factors. First of all, stress. All the hormonal imbalances are linked to stress as the body produces too much cortisol which is called the “stress hormone”. The thing is that your body will prioritize the cortisol production in order to help you get out of a dangerous situation. However, when you are constantly distressed, the danger is not real but your body produces more and more cortisol, cutting off the production of other hormones – reproductive and thyroid hormone production is disrupted. With time, stress may lead also to a prediabetic condition while the insulin levels are also affected. 

Thyroid hypofunction is linked to estrogen dominance

Most of the women with thyroid hypofunction also have estrogen dominance and insulin resistance. The high levels of estrogen cause progesterone deficiency and disrupts the function of the thyroid too. Estrogen is a hormone that is produced in the body but also it enters the system from the outside in the form of phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens. All the pollution, household chemicals and plastic usage causes estrogen dominance while the liver is not able to eliminate the excessive amount of estrogen fast enough. From the high levels of estrogen is the weight gain as with thyroid hypofunction slows down the metabolism. 

The effective treatment of thyroid hypofunction you didn’t know about

You can surely change your diet and your daily routine to support the thyroid, but to heal the condition you will need additional help. The treatment that shows very good results with thyroid hypofunction or hyperfunction, with reproductive hormones imbalance, insulin resistance, diabetes and many more is a low level laser therapy. This cold laser is very gentle but highly effective. There are many studies showing how light can actually support the healing process. 

The cold laser therapies like coMra will gently stimulate the regeneration of the cells providing them with the additional energy they need. In the coMra User Guide you will find the detailed treatment protocol with the points and time spent on each one. It will take several minutes per day and soon you will see improvement in your symptoms. The body will heal the gland and will reduce all the inflammatory processes once it has all the energy needed. 

Support your liver in order to balance your hormones

Now, if the liver is the organ which should eliminate the excessive estrogen from the body and also has a major part in the metabolism of the sugars, you need to support it if your thyroid is not working properly. The liver is overloaded with all kinds of toxins and waste metabolic materials especially if you eat processed food as the quality of the food in the supermarket is getting worse each day. All these preservatives, colors and trans fats will slow down the liver even more. So, first you will need to eat clean and to avoid  allergy triggers  like gluten, lactose and sugar. Then with coMra you can support and heal your liver, actually the body will heal it once your diet is clean and you provide it with more energy in the form of infrared light coming from the cold laser. In addition to your thyroid treatment protocol, apply coMra for several minutes on the liver itself. 

Is cold laser therapy safe? 

The low level laser therapies are totally safe and non-invasive. With coMra, you will receive even more as the device consists of a cold laser but also magnets and light diodes. The magnetic field and the colorful lights are modulated in such a way with the laser, to provide the best possible source of energy for your cells. By increasing the vital energy, you will actually induce the healing processes in various parts of your body. The invisible intelligence your body has will run the process of regeneration while it is a system that is fully capable of recovery and restoration of health. You don’t need to micromanage your body, merely to eliminate all the things that will deplete it from its life energy and provide more sources of it. 

The cold lasers are widely used in health and beauty centers and now you can have a device to use on your own. It is simple to use, small and portable. Once you start applying coMra, you will see how many ways there are to support yourself, your children, family, pets and friends. It is worth trying and a great way to reduce the intake of medications and to take the responsibility for your health back in your hands. 

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