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The Results of Emotional Stress On Your Health


Stress is very dangerous for your health, everyone knows that. However, when sometimes you go through emotional stress period,  you need to register this process in order to address it properly. When you overreact with emotional outbursts, that is a sign that you are already in an emotional stress period for a long time. It could start with slight worrying and turn into a constant anxiety in several weeks. The symptoms that could show you that some emotional stress is taking place are various but here are some of the most common ones like headaches, fatigue, muscle or chest pain, digestions issues, problems with your sleep etc.

The high cortisol and adrenaline levels in case of emotional stress are triggered by the emotional response to different life situations. You need to address the way you react to the challenges in life and revise it, to try to manage the stress with periods of relaxation and having fun, loving care, laughter and spending time with friends and family. Another way to support your body is to apply coMra therapy, the Universal Treatments 5 and 7 from the user guide are recommended in that case as you can combine them with any other treatment that you need. The emotional stress could affect almost each organ and system in your body and you will need more energy to heal and recover. The healing power of the coMra Palm is very gentle and yet effective, with no side effects. It could help you address each of the results of the emotional imbalance, so here are some of them.

Heart disease and high blood pressure

The strong emotions and the emotional imbalance are affecting the heart as we all are sensitive being and the heart is experiencing each feeling and emotion that we go through. You need to take care of your heart and support it in any possible way as it works all the time, every second pumping the blood so that each cell to receive oxygen and nutrients. The Universal Treatment 2 – Heart from the coMra user guide will help your heart to heal and The Universal Treatment 3 – Blood will regulate the high blood pressure and will strengthen your blood vessels.

Diabetes and hormonal imbalance

The body is producing huge amounts of cortisol and adrenaline during periods of stress. The hormonal imbalance due to that could lead to all kinds of conditions like diabetes, fertility problems, thyroid issues etc. The diabetes type 2 or the insulin resistance both of which could be a result of stress could be healed naturally and with the supporting help of the coMra therapy. You will need to change your diet and eat more fruits and vegetables, to include more exercising and stretching in your routine and to find a way to relax and breathe.

Weight gain and weight loss

People react differently to emotional stress, most of them are gaining weight very quickly due to the hormonal imbalance and the high levels of blood sugar in their bodies which lead to insulin resistance and not burning of the fat cells. However, some people tend to face the opposite issue, they start to lose weight so quickly that it could become really dangerous for them. As like all their energy is wasted into dealing with the stress, so their bodies are getting slimmer and slimmer, not able to sustain life. Changing your diet might have some results, but you need to look deeper and eliminate the main cause of these conditions which is the emotional stress. The Universal Treatments 5 and 7 from the coMra user guide are easy to apply and you will soon see the improvement of your overall health as they were specially created to support your recovery from emotional exhaustion.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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