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From Emotional Tiredness to Emotional Wellness


I had heard many times about emotional tiredness, although I have experienced it many times in my live, only this year I became aware of what it really is. 2017 has been a year with different challenges, the economy in our country brought unexpected situations to my job, I also experienced the departure of two love ones and I am also coping with my mother’s new health condition. When December came, I was feeling low of energy and with a kind of heavy weight on my shoulders, as a consequence I was more moody and reactive with little things. I realized that I needed a plan of action if I wanted to enjoy the festivities and also to recharge myself for the next year.


Reorganising my day

In parallel, during those days I came across with a book, The One Thing, where I learned among others how to prioritize and respect my schedule for those activities that are really important for me. This time my priority was to give some rest to my body and mind in order to improve my emotional wellness.

So, I decided to cut my working hours, mainly not bringing work home and having full rest during the weekend. Second, I tried to be very disciplined to reach my goal to do exercise 4 times per week – I am not there yet, but I’m working on it; in addition, I started using more the public transport in order to walk more, since I started measuring my steps I double the number of steps per day. And last but not least, I used my coMra Palm to restore my energy levels and to have more emotional wellness. You can read more tips about wellness here:

Using coMra Therapy at home

I have been using coMra Therapy for more than five years, is our doctor and pharmacy at home; coMra has been an enormous support for our family health and wellbeing, we have treated a wide range of conditions, from a flu to a cyst on the ovaries. This time I treated myself with the Universal 7 protocol (one of my favourites) during two weeks. This protocol supports the nervous system, helping the body when one is experimenting emotional exhaustion and debility, stress, weak heart, etc., in short, it supports us to build our emotional wellness.

Feeling fresh and energized

As I am writing this post at the end of the year, I am feeling more energized and with mood to face all the adventures that are waiting for me in 2018, I can clearly see that I am moving from emotional tiredness to emotional wellness; nonetheless I am not sleeping yet the 7 hours I wish, but I trust I will do it soon. Thus, my action plan is working well: respecting my free time, exercising and using coMra Therapy. To keep this action plan, with a “sacred” slot in my agenda is one of my new year’s resolutions for 2018.