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coMra Family series: Case 1 – Acute Trauma

It has been 7 years, since the first coMra device arrived in my home. At that time, everything seemed to be unclear about how to use it, how much to rely on it and in what circumstances. Since than we have stopped completely using pills and cleaned up our home storage.


Now, just a few weeks ago, coMra Palm arrived in my home. My children now have their own devices, as well as my wife. Moreover, by now they know very well how to take care of themselves using coMra. And even my dogs can greatly benefit from it 🙂 Now I am fully confident and relaxed about health of my immediate family.

The first coMra device was itself a huge leap in terms of technology and healing approach compared to the other low level laser technologies that were on the market. coMra Palm now is another big leap forward.

I wish every family to have this level of confidence and control regarding their daily health needs. That is why I decided to share a series of practical examples of coMra application, which are applicable for the most families. While coMra can have huge role in dealing with very rare and complicated health conditions, yet its daily versatility is something that each family may benefit from.


Case 1: Acute Trauma

The principle how coMra works is to speed up natural cellular processes and restore cellular energy. This is especially effective with acute trauma, because unlike chronic health conditions (most often needs deep restoration of cellular energetic deficiency), most of the time acute trauma would heal itself over the time. coMra just significantly improves speed and quality of such self-healing.

While there is full guide on how to apply coMra in each particular case (you can find it in downloads section, it is by no means strict rules. Knowing the major principles of application, you may well design your own treatments.

Let us take an example of cuts and bruises.

User Guide recommendation is this:

What we see is working with local area as well as circulation system. Sometimes with serious trauma, treating relevant nervous system area also recommended. This usually means scanning along the spine where roots of nerves innervating the area are located.

Now let us look at this treatment step by step:

Local treatment: Apply terminal directly (in case of bruise) or above the skin (in case of burns) for 3 to 5 min.  Apply 1000, 50 or 5 Hz depending on the case.

Device Frequency – the logic goes as this:

1000 Hz – is for surface treatments mostly

50 Hz – medium penetration, soft tissues

5 Hz – deep penetration, bones and beside the bones

That is why for burns it is best to use 1000 Hz, while for bruises, 50 Hz and 5 Hz is used. For example, you can use only 50 Hz if you bruised your palm, while if you seriously injured your leg with deep tissues affected you will need to use 5 Hz as well.

Timing: While generally, it is quite enough to do a local treatment once a day, the practice of applying coMra several times a day locally in the first few days after trauma is widespread.

It gives a kickstart to the process of healing and you may well find in 2-3 days that your healing is well on track, and you no longer need coMra.


Universal Blood Treatment

Circulation Treatment: treating your blood at several points at 5 Hz for 1 min each.

Treating your blood is a very effective systemic treatment in many cases. In fact, some medical protocols in Russia and China use blood treatments as a standalone treatment for multiple conditions, using either invasive laser treatment (a needle with laser inserted in a blood vessel), non-invasive (over the points where blood vessels are close to skin) or intra-nasal (high density of blood vessels in the nose).

Frequency: For such treatment always a 5 Hz is used because it is deep penetrating and high energy setting.

Timing: In terms of timing, normally, you will not need more than recommended treatment for your blood. Unless you have some serious inflammation process happening.


Family experience:

Along the course of the last 7 years, it is not possibly to count how many bruises and cuts we have treated with coMra. Children and we ourselves are quite active, so we together encounter many of those.

Each and every time results were fast – at least twice faster than you would normally expect. Also quality… in terms of cuts, bruises and burns this means leaving no traces of the trauma at all, or minimum scarring. The key here is to start applying coMra very early – in the first hours after trauma is best, before things settle up for worse.

In terms of complicated wounds, especially with our smaller friends at home, when they start to lick wounds, etc. – coMra is virtually the only possible method. Because there is a speed of deterioration of the wound and speed of recovery. coMra tips the balance in the way that unhealing wound that is deteriorating, reverses the balance into gradual healing with good tissue regrowth.

coMra users from around the world may have their own stories about Acute Trauma and I know some of them are quite fascinating 🙂 I encourage you to ask questions if you want more details, share some of your experiences regarding coMra use with Acute Trauma in the comments to the post, on Facebook or chat coMra directly.


Next month I will share some examples and experiences with seasonal fevers, nose blockages, serious viral infections and long term effects of regular coMra usage for immunity.

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