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Fibromyalgia Treatments for Pain You Want to Know About


Which are the natural and non-invasive fibromyalgia treatments for pain that you can apply in order to deal with the symptoms of this severe condition?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that affects almost two percent of the people worldwide and is more common among women. It negatively affects the quality of life as the symptoms include chronic fatigue, widespread pain, severe headaches, loss of memory, poor sleep and muscle cramps. Often people suffering from fibromyalgia have depression, obesity and addictions to drugs and alcohol which may lead to even more health problems like liver failure, kidney stones, ovarian cysts etc. It is better to start the fibromyalgia treatments for pain as early as possible in order to have better results and to choose natural methods in order to decrease the medications intake.

coMra therapy

Using either Delta Series or coMra palm, the application of coMra therapy has shown so far very good results on treating fibromyalgia. From the coMra user guide apply the Neurology 9 treatments for 21 days. Then rest for 2 weeks, repeat until improvement is noticed. Thereafter treat every 3 months of still necessary. The fibromyalgia treatment consists of three parts and you will find the exact schedule how to apply them in the coMra user guide. Part one is done in the early morning every day as you can follow the schedule with the detailed information which points to treat. Then early evening of every second day , you need to do Universal treatment 3 – Blood which is very important for the good health of the blood and the whole body. The last part is done every evening after dinner and it includes Universal treatment 5 (SB-2) which will support your nervous system and will reduce the pain. The devices are very easy to use and you will find a lot of information on this website on how to operate with the coMra Palm at home. The coMra therapy is a very good alternative to invasive method as it not only help you deal with the symptoms but will also heal the causes of the condition.

Massage and acupuncture

Weekly massages and acupuncture sessions could reduce the pain and improve the heart rate, as they provide relief from depression and anxiety too. It is recommended to incorporate them in your fibromyalgia treatments for pain routine to receive an immediate relief from the pain and to increase the blood circulation as well as to tone the muscles. You can also try bowen therapy, aromatherapy and swimming in order to calm down the nervous system and to soften the tight muscles in your body.

Regular activity

Although it would be quite challenging to exercise while you feel pain, but activity is vital part of the healing process of fibromyalgia. The pain of the soft tissues and the fascia lead to many inflammations in the body and you need to improve the blood circulation in order to get rid of all the toxins that you consume with the painkillers medications and the waste products released from the cells. On the other side, moderate activity programs like yoga, walking or pilates will increase certain neurotransmitters levels in your brain which is the natural pain relief produced in your brain. Exercising would help you lose the additional weight which will additionally soothe the symptoms and the pain.