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Fighting recurrent depression with coMra


I have suffered with depression and recurrent depressive episodes at varying levels – some severe enough to require hospitalisation, since 1996.

Guest Post by Mariette Lobo. Story is provided by one of the clients of Body in Balance Clinic (UK)

I have been subject to being prescribed different medications:

Sertraline, Semi-sodium Valproate, Venlefaxine to name just a few; others had disastrous results and some had better conclusions. I have battled with changes in medications, dosage and therapy changes that have left me and my partner confused and worried about the possible outcomes.

I have experienced side effects that left me feeling numb, lethargic and struggling to continue with treatments and, in some of my darkest times, to continue with life itself. On one occasion, the drugs set off vivid dreams that were difficult to dissociate with reality; these side effects were intolerable.

Even with medication… I could not manage to work at all.

In these early years there were months of difficulties to get the right dose and the right medications. The ongoing difficulties I encountered in having to do this, made life a struggle and I felt humiliated that I should need these interventions. The stigma around mental health illness battered my own confidence beyond compare; it was difficult to go to work and feel I was being productive. In later years, even with medication, my depression and anxiety, around my symptoms, meant I could not manage to work at all.

Without the continuing support of my partner and a family member, I am uncertain how I would manage at all.

I have had years of so many appointments with GPs, mental health specialists, CPNs, OTs, and CBT counselling. Helpful and necessary at the time but, none of which have had any continuing positive results.

At present, I now take a ‘maintenance dose’ that mostly keeps me relatively stable, however I still have dips in my mood and depressive episodes. Medication reviews with the NHS are non-existent and, without the continuing support of my partner and a family member, I am uncertain how I would manage at all.

The light at the end of the tunnel, in all of this, has been coMra therapy.

I had never heard of it but my partner had amazing success with this treatment for L2/3/4 facet joint and ligamenta hypertrophy. She had suffered debilitating and excruciating pain even with prescribed medication.

She suggested, with consultation and advice from Mariette, that I could try an individualized therapy protocol using the coMra approach and guide.

I was sceptical to say the least,

even though I had seen how coMra therapy had worked, and continues to work, for her. As I was experiencing very low mood with no motivation or inclination to help myself, I agreed to try it.

Universal 5 was administered twice daily for 7 days but I noticed a difference in my general well-being and motivation after about three days.

To be honest it was incredible.

I have since found that I have more energy and feel I can concentrate better.

My sleep pattern has balanced out, I have been able to complete, and even enjoy, tasks that previously were beyond me. My DIY at home list is being ticked off! I feel more self-assured and have the confidence to carry out these tasks – to my relief and satisfaction. I feel less dejected and that there is, at last, some hope as the treatments can continue.

So far, so good.

I would like to be able to be medication free eventually, but am realistic and know this is going to need professional medical supervision. I am going to discuss this with my GP as I feel this therapy would be so helpful to others like me, who suffer from unbearable and incapacitating bouts of depression. It has been a revelation to me for certain.



Mariette Lobo
Body in Balance Training and Clinic

With over 20 years in practice, I have developed a blend of Eastern and Western therapies to create a holistic, preventative approach to healthcare.

I am a coMra Therapy practitioner and also specialise in The Bowen Technique, The Emmett Technique, Tuina, Reflexology, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, and Spa Therapies. I am a Master Teacher/Practitioner in Reiki.

I continue to support the integration of complementary therapies within traditional healthcare so that they can be widely available to all.


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