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First coMra centre in Russia


In October 2017 we opened the first coMra centre for regenerative medicine in Russia – “Technology for Life“.

Take a look at a news episode aired by a regional TV channel:

As of today we are four months into operation!

When we first opened our doors, we were getting mostly puzzled looks and questions like “What are you regenerating here?” or “Are you offering some sort of massage?”.

To bring clarity we published three detailed articles in the local newspapers and now airing several extended TV interviews where we cover everything from origins of coMra-Therapy to how it works and what is it for.

Gradually we started to see a shift in perception and recognition of the true scope of coMra-Therapy. Yes, it can and should be used for treatment of many tough chronic diseases and acute conditions. And this is the main role of our centre – to let individuals experience the unique effects of coMra-Therapy.

But we also need to recognise in this medical technology means for changing our attitude towards our health and our own body.

When a coMra-Therapy device is available at home it becomes a part of daily self-care. What it means is that instead of waiting until a disease hits hard, listen to the body as it gently speaks about tensions it carries. Next, we learn how to trace these tensions to the challenges in our lives and address them. And, at the same time, use coMra Palm to assist those organs and body systems that carry the burden of our learning process as human beings!